1994 Bloodbath World Cup

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1994 WBA Bloodbath World Cup
Bloodbath World Cup United States 94
Teams 28 (from many enterants)
Host United States
Champions Flag of Italy.jpg Italy
Matches Played Does anyone care anyways?
Attendance 45,976,985
Total Deaths 19,756,324

The 1994 Bloodbath World Cup was the First Ever Bloodbath World Cup in the World. Hosted by the States, Italy won it beating Bulgaria in the final 12-11.5 after a bloody gorefeast. Hosted by the United States who beat France in the Bids, who hosted the 1998 Bloodbath World Cup.And Canada (eh?), Israel, Republic of Ireland, Spain and Portugal. Rwanda was orignally the host, but nobody cared and gave it to USA.




North America[edit]

  • Mexico put up a decent line-up agansit Jamaica...that doesn't mean they did very good, but they put up a decent line-up. Bearly winning 2-0.
  • Haiti suprised Bermuda 10-2.

South America[edit]

  • Paraguay defeated bolivia head-to-head 10-0
  • Colombia druged the Chilean Squad forcing them to withdraw.



  • Germany defeated Denmark getting revenge despite losing in the 1992 Euro Final.
  • Tiny Island nation Iceland suprinsgley defeated Powerhouse Netherlands in Rotterdam 76-75 in a match that lasted for 2 days producing Riots in the Big Citys of Netherlands.


  • Japan defeats rival China with the Score of 10-0.But withdrew due to a big whale that ate its squad.
  • Uzebakistan qualified for there first time defeating Powerhouse South Korea
  • Wal-Mart's Republic of China qualified defeating Indonesia


  • Australia defeated American Samoa masivley 34-0, the largest win in Bloodbath History
  • Tahiti defeated Vanuatu 2-1, but withdrew and Kerguelen took there spot

Well, thats how it goes.Now let the games begin!Muhahahaha!

Group A[edit]

City Original stadium Host club(s) Capacity
Miami Orange Stadium Floridia Oranges 76,854
Vice City Vercetti Arena Vercetti Mafia 200,043
Palo Alto Gangster Field Palo Alto Gangsters 99,974
New Jersey Giants Stadium New York Giants 79,000
Boston Yankess Must Die Arena Boston Red Sox 40,432
New York Yankee Stadium New York Yankees 184,649
Los Angeles Killer Stadium Los Angeles Dodgers 39,421
San Diego Border Stadium San Diego Padres 100,000
LOL City LOL Stadium LOL 1
Neptune Neptune Stadium Neptune Aliens 867
Toronto BMO Field Toronto Americans 94,232
iraq Al Qaeda Stadium Iraq Al-Qaeda 70,000
Team Pts W D L KD
Icons-flag-it.png Italy 7 2 1 0 +11
Icons-flag-us.png United States 7 2 1 0 +7
Icons-flag-is.png Iceland 3 1 0 2 +1
Icons-flag-kz.png Kazakhstan 0 0 0 3 -19
16 June 1994
Icons-flag-us.png United States 0-0 Icons-flag-it.png Italy Vice City
The United States played tough and attacked the Italians.But no team even managed to get a single Kill. Even in the Crimey Vice City this match was pretty boring. However, the USA got a draw agansit the Italians, who got 3rd place in the Spitalia' 90. (YES there was Bloodbath World Cups at those times, but the WBA Bloodbath World Cup wasn't its a offical name. Plus, these cups were Unoffical.So the first one was in 1930)
16 June 1994
Iceland Icons-flag-is.png 3-0 Icons-flag-kz.png Kazakhstan Los Angeles
Guðjohnsen (2), Ice 8:65
Guðjohnsen impresivley kicked some but winning the game for Iceland. However, it was pretty boring.
18 June 1994
Italy Icons-flag-it.png 11-1 Icons-flag-kz.png Kazakhstan LOL City
Sichillai (5), Biaggo (6) 0:30 Some Random Kazak Fan
The Kazakhstans were embaressed in a very bloody game that the Italians won. Nearly all Kazak players were killed. The only survivors was some Kazak fan that beat up a Italian in the Lockers, and the ones on the Benches. Kazakhstan were not into the game untill there captain, Kazak Jimbo Wales, was killed in the First 10 seconds of the Game.
18 June 1994
Iceland Icons-flag-is.png 0-1 Icons-flag-us.png United States Boston
1:00 Reyna
The United States and Iceland both played poor, but Claudio Reyna came up and just killed a Icy and got a win for the United States.
20 June 1994
United States Icons-flag-us.png 7-1 Icons-flag-kz.png Kazakhstan New York
Reyna (4), Clinton (2), Stewart 10:00 Oh-ahfd
United States killed the Kazak team very hard with kick butt players and the Kazak went out of the Cup. But all the survivng members and Coach said it wasen't worth a shot to even win it.
20 June 1994
Italy Icons-flag-it.png 1-0 Icons-flag-is.png Iceland Miami
Biaggo 4:09
Iceland didn't play very bad at the 1994 Bloodbath World cup, but failed to qualify for the Stages. Though a week before the Cup started, Iceland beat Italy 2-0.

Group B[edit]

Team Pts W D L KD
Icons-flag-bg.png Bulgaria 7 2 1 0 +8
Icons-flag-uy.png Uruguay 7 2 1 0 +6
Icons-flag-sb.png Solomon Islands 3 1 0 2 -6
WRC.jpg Wal-Mart's Republic of China 0 0 0 3 -8
16 June 1994
Icons-flag-uy.png Uruguay 1-1 Bulgaria Icons-flag-bg.png Palo Alto
Recoba 3:87 Shitstove
Bulgaria shocked Uruguay getting a 1-1 draw in the Group. Bulgaria have been a weak team since other times, but a 1-1 draw agansit Uruguay could help them even reach the Finals.
16 June 1994
Solomon Islands Icons-flag-sb.png 1-0 WRC.jpg Wal-Mart's Republic of China Toronto
Albert Talbot 8:00
The Solomon Islanders kicked off a good start agansit Wal-Mart's Republic of China winning 1-0. Making a exiting match since the Solomon Islanders defeated New Zealand and Won a qualifier agansit the Sandwich Islands.
18 June 1994
Uruguay Icons-flag-uy.png 7-3 WRC.jpg Wal-Mart's Republic of China Iraq
Recoba (3), Rodriquez (2), Silva (2) 5:76 Poo-Poo (3)
Uruguay thrased Wal-Marts Republic of China and was blood thirsty. Looking for kills, Rodriquez, Recoba, and Silva got kills for the Uruguayn team. Dominating the South American Qualifiers and Dominating the game.
18 June 1994
Bulgaria Icons-flag-bg.png 6-1 Icons-flag-sb.png Solomon Islands Neptune
Shitoven (3), Skolbuo (3) 1:65 Amba-Skibow
The Solomon Defense were no good agansit European Giants Bulgaria.Bulgaria thrashed them 6-1.Shitoven and Skolbou getting 3 kills at a time. Only Patrick Amba-Skibow scored for the Solomons.
20 June 1994
Uruguay Icons-flag-uy.png 4-2 Icons-flag-sb.png Solomon Islands New Jersey
Hierro (4) 10:00 Amba-Skibow (2)
The Solomon Islanders didn't play too bad.Patrick Amba-Skibow actully got an opener giving giving the Solomons a 2-0 lead. However, Uruguay's Hierro got 4 kills and the Solomons failed to qualify
20 June 1994
Bulgaria Icons-flag-bg.png 3-0 WRC.jpg Wal-Mart's Republic of China Neptune
Sortslovov (3) 4:00
Bulgaria eliminated the Wal-Mart's Republic of China in a 3-0 win over them. Though they qualifyed the Report was boring

Group C[edit]

Team Pts W D L KD
Icons-flag-mx.png Mexico 6 2 0 1 +11
Icons-flag-au.png Australia 5 1 2 0 +1
Icons-flag-pk.png Pakistan 3 1 1 1 -2
Icons-flag-uz.png Uzbekistan 1 0 1 2 -10
16 June 1994
Icons-flag-mx.png Mexico 7-0 Uzbekistan Icons-flag-uz.png San Diego
Zague (4), Garcia (3) 0:10 Own Death
The Mexicans embaressed and thrashed Uzebakistan 6-0, but a Uzbek was so sad he Commited Suicde getting a win for Mexico.
16 June 1994
Australia Icons-flag-au.png 1-1 Icons-flag-pk.png Pakistan Iraq
Kewell 8:12 Al-Jihadman
A unexpected draw came out for Pakistan as they drew oceania giants Australia. Though they were trailing, Al-Jihadman scored and finshed the game to 1-1 for Pakistan
18 June 1994
Mexico Icons-flag-mx.png 6-1 Icons-flag-pk.png Pakistan LOL City
Zague (6) 2:87 That F**king Terrorist
Mexico got a 6-1 win over Pakistan witch the Mexicans said it was "Easy Work".The Pakis need to start playing some good Bloodbath. Like there recent draw to Australia in the World Cup
18 June 1994
Australia Icons-flag-au.png 6-6 Icons-flag-uz.png Uzbekistan Toronto
Viduka (3), Irwin (3) 1:00 Some Random Uzbek
The Australians got another poor result with a 6-6 draw with the Asian sucking squad of Uzbekistan. At first Australia had a 6-0 lead but the Uzbeks got 6 kills.
20 June 1994
Australia Icons-flag-au.png 2-1 Icons-flag-mx.png Mexico New Jersey
Viduka (2) 9:00 Garcia
Australia went through the Second Round winning Mexico 2-1. Nothing Here really.It was an OK match, though nothing exiting about it.
20 June 1994
Pakistan Icons-flag-pk.png 3-0 Icons-flag-uz.png Uzbekistan New York
A Terrorist (3) 4:00
Though Pakistan won, they failed to qualify for the stages. Nuff' said

Group D[edit]

Team Pts W D L KD
Icons-flag-co.png Colombia 5 1 2 0 +1
Icons-flag-es.png Spain 4 1 1 1 0
Icons-flag-se.png Sweden 4 1 1 1 0
Icons-flag-ru.png Russia 3 1 0 2 -1
16 June 1994
Icons-flag-es.png Spain 1-0 Sweden Icons-flag-se.png Vice City
El Paso Garcia 8:65
This match was so boring Spain were the team that got the only Kill in the whole game. El Paso Garcia was the only one that got a kill. A decent kill on a Sniper Kill.But the summary was a boring as hell as the match.
16 June 1994
Colombia Icons-flag-co.png 1-0 Icons-flag-ru.png Russia Miami
A.Escabor 8:90
Colombia atleast got a kill agansit Russia but only one. Another yawning match.
18 June 1994
Sweden Icons-flag-se.png 4-4 Icons-flag-co.png Colombia Boston
Orslovur 5:90 M.Coll (2), A.Escabor (2)
Sweden were only able to get a 4-4 draw. Oh well, at least it wasn't quite boring as the last matches were.
18 June 1994
Spain Icons-flag-es.png 2-3 Icons-flag-ru.png Russia New York
Ramos, Spanish Figo 1:00 Vodka, <insert name here>, Joseph Stalian
An undermanned Russian squad (it was flu season in Russia) famously shocked The Spanish Squad. 3 players, <insert name here>, Vodka, and Joseph Stalian all got 1 kill famousley killing 3 Spanish players in New York
20 June 1994
Spain Icons-flag-es.png 2-2 Icons-flag-co.png Colombia Iraq
Gonzalez (2) 9:00 Drug Dealer (2)
Some drug dealer kill a spaniard. But match was sooooooooo Boring, Gonzalez is able to unflog it. But it was so boring still. Colombia however qualified for the Knockout
20 June 1994
Sweden Icons-flag-se.png 1-0 Icons-flag-ru.png Russia Toronto
Troshuller 4:00
This match was boring again. Nothing here. Sweden won, but was knocked out

Group E[edit]

Team Pts W D L KD
Icons-flag-cm.png Cameroon 6 2 1 0 +7
Icons-flag-py.png Paraguay 6 2 1 0 +5
Icons-flag-th.png Thailand 4 1 0 2 -4
Icons-flag-ht.png Haiti 0 0 0 3 -7
16 June 1994
Icons-flag-cm.png Cameroon 6-6 Paraguay Icons-flag-py.png LOL City
Milla (6) 2:12 Ayala, Gun (3), G.Uranai (2)
Cameroon and Paraguay played in Style, but they only got 6-6 in the match. Ayala, Gun, G.Uranai, and Milla all scored in the Match. But Ended up 6-6
16 June 1994
Thailand Icons-flag-th.png 1-0 Icons-flag-ht.png Haiti Neptune
Bang-cock! (pen) 7:45
The first ever penelty was scored here. Thailand scored and PW3ND the Haitians. But the Report was boring
18 June 1994
Paraguay Icons-flag-py.png 4-2 Icons-flag-th.png Thailand Los Angeles
Ayala (4) 7:34 Some Random Thai (2)
Paraguay won 4-2 against Thailand, who beat Haiti. Paraguay fans said "¡VIVA LA PARAGUAY!". Of course Thailand shouted back "¡MATANZA LA PARAGUAY!" A fight between the fans of the two nations broke out after the match was over, resulting in the death of your teacher.(Sorry about that joke, im only trying to document what happend OK)
18 June 1994
Cameroon Icons-flag-cm.png 5-2 Icons-flag-ht.png Haiti San Diego
Milla (4), A.Lion 1:86 Haitian Gang Member (2)
Cameroon took Haiti to the Trash becuase Haiti wasen't really into the match.Cameroon easily took them out to the trash.With a gorefesting 7 kills in the Whole match.
20 June 1994
Cameroon Icons-flag-cm.png 6-2 Icons-flag-th.png Thailand Iraq
Milla (2), Nakujok (4) 3:00 Uh-as-Ass
A rather gore-festing match with 8 kills scored.Nothing but Thailand ou of the Cup
20 June 1994
Paraguay Icons-flag-py.png 3-0 Icons-flag-ht.png Haiti Toronto
Ceslo Ayala (3) 4:11
Boring match, and obvious.

Group F[edit]

Team Pts W D L KD
Icons-flag-br.png Brazil 6 2 0 1 +7
Icons-flag-ng.png Nigeria 6 2 0 1 +5
Germany Flag 1.png Germany 6 2 0 1 +2
Icons-flag-iq.png Iraq 0 0 0 3 -9
16 June 1994
Icons-flag-br.png Brazil 1-0 Nigeria Icons-flag-ng.png Boston
Ronaldo 8:53
Nigeria played well and Brazil only killed one Nigerian.Another Boring summary
16 June 1994
Germany Germany Flag 1.png 3-0 Icons-flag-iq.png Iraq Iraq
Muller (3) 8:09
Though played in Iraq, the Iraqis lost to Germany in Gehard Muller killing 3 Iraqis witch didn't care for there team.
18 June 1994
Brazil Icons-flag-br.png 6-0 Icons-flag-iq.png Iraq Miami
Ronaldo (3), Zico (3) 9:64
In a bloody, dangerous match, 6 iraqis were killed.5 of the Iraqis went to play some SimCity.However, the 6 remaing Iraqis on the field were killed by Ronaldo and Zico
18 June 1994
Nigeria Icons-flag-ng.png 6-4 Germany Flag 1.png Germany San Diego
Nidjek (3), Omaen (2), Nakujiku 7:90 Adolf Hitler (4)
In a suprising match Nigeria defeated the German Side 6-4.Nidjek even got the opener.The Germans were embaressed by this.
20 June 1994
Brazil Icons-flag-br.png 8-9 Germany Flag 1.png Germany Vice City
Ronaldhino (4), Ronaldo (3), Onamu 9:07 Adolf Hitler (9)
Another gorefesting match with 17 kills scored.Adolf Hitler even got 9 for germany.But this didn't mean germany didn't went to the Second Round.Due to the lack of teams in the cup, Germany was invited to compete in the Second Round
20 June 1994
Nigeria Icons-flag-ng.png '3-0 Icons-flag-iq.png Iraq Toronto
Over (3) 4:65
Nigeria went to win the match and advanced to the next round

Round of 16[edit]

22 June 1994
United States Icons-flag-us.png 8-3 Icons-flag-cm.png Cameroon Vice City
Reyna (4), Clinton (3), Stewart 9:76 Milla, Hosdfjkh, Juku-Juku
The United States played very well agansit Cameroon in there only world cup apperance making the game very bloody.11 cuasitalies were cuased.3 Americans were killed while 8 Cameroon players were killed.This match lasted over 9 hours and 76 minutes.Cameroon actully was winning 3-0, but the US catched up.
22 June 1994
Mexico Icons-flag-mx.png 9-5 Icons-flag-uy.png Uruguay Los Angeles
Maradona (9) 4:65 Dario Rodriquez (4), El Bullshito
Mexico defeated the Uruguayans 9-5.Though the match was good, the Report was boring as always.
24 June 1994
Nigeria Icons-flag-ng.png 7-2 Icons-flag-au.png Australia LOL City
Nidjek (4), Over, The Nigerian Alligator (2) 8:98 Irwin (2)
Another shocking famous result was that Nigeria scored 7 kills agansit the Aussies.Nidjek, Over, and The Nigerian Alligator all killed seven Autralians.They were able to get back while down 2-0 when Steve Irwin sniped and assasinated 2 Nigerians.This match was one of the more exiting matches as the Nigerians continue there campaign.
24 June 1994
Paraguay Icons-flag-py.png 10-9 Icons-flag-br.png Brazil San Diego
Ayala (6), Mister Grinch (4) 5:87 Ronaldo (9)
Ol' foes Paraguay and Brazil are playing in a Brutality Cup.The Paraguayns won the 1992 South American Championships while Brazil were Number 1.When it look liked Brazil was gonna win, Paraguay got 10 kills and Brazil only got 9 with 19 kills ever scored.This is one of the most bloodiest matches in the world cup.Even bloodier than the Previous 3 matches.This match also only lasted 5 Hours and 87 Minutes.
26 June 1994
Bulgaria Icons-flag-bg.png 6-4 Icons-flag-co.png Colombia Boston
Shitstove (6) 3:87 M.Coll, A.Escabor, D.Delar, Ohcalbno
As another Shocking result came when Bulgaria defeated Colombia.The Bulgarians lined up with a Very good start with quality players such as Shitstove, Shitoven, Shukoduku, Alaboopoopoo, and others brutaly killed the Colombians.With good players.But Bulgaria advanced to the finals.
26 June 1994
Spain Icons-flag-es.png 10-4 Icons-flag-ck.png Cook Islands Miami
Ramos (6), Gonzalez (2), Alfonso (2) 8:45 New Zealander (4)
Bloody match, but obvious.
28 June 1994
Italy Icons-flag-it.png 1-0 Germany Flag 1.png Germany Vice City
Maldini 3:98
A boring match but Italy kicked German Ass

Quarter Finals[edit]

1 July 1994
Italy Icons-flag-it.png 8-5 Icons-flag-es.png Spain Los Angeles
Materzzi (6), Pizza (2) 9:04 Raul Gonzalez (3), Cortes, Franco
Italy supuringlsey defeated Spain with 13 kills ever killed in the Match.Materzzi is able to Inflict 6 kills.Pizza is able to kill 2 Players.Fransico Franco tried to fight back but it didn't work becuase the Italians were to strong
1 July 1994
Mexico Icons-flag-mx.png 6-6 (1-4 pen) Icons-flag-bg.png Bulgaria Vice City
Zague, Bender (4), Maradona 49:21 Shitstove, Shitoven, Hoopo-Hoopo, Crapbath (3)
This match nearly lasted 50 hours.One of the most longest running matches ever in the whole ever history.Bulgaria advanced to the Semi-Finals in very bloody match.
3 July 1994
United States Icons-flag-us.png 8-7 Icons-flag-py.png Paraguay Vice City
Johnson (3), Mickey Mouse (2), Reyna (2), Donavon 49:21 Ayala (7)
  • Nigeria were randomly selected to take part in the World Cup Semi-Finals.

Semi Finals[edit]

3 July 1994
United States Icons-flag-us.png 0-3 Icons-flag-it.png Italy Miami
9:43 Totti (3)
America vs Italy.This was a rematch in the First match in Group A.America once again attacked.But Fransico Totti was able to Kill 3 americans giving Italy a Victory.It was an alright match.But the Report is as boring as Always.
5 July 1994
Nigeria Icons-flag-ng.png 8-9 Icons-flag-bg.png Bulgaria New Jersey
Nidjek (6), Coco (2) 5:98 Shitstove (4), Shitoven (4), Adolf Hitler
The Nigerians fought hard agansit the Bulgarians so hard they nearly won the Match.However, Bulgaria prevailed killing the Nigerians with a Score of 8-9.Nidjek played well for the Nigerians.

3rd Place Match[edit]

8 July 1994
United States Icons-flag-us.png 7-5 Icons-flag-ng.png Nigeria Palo Alto
Donavon, Mickey Mouse (6) 5:87 Nidjek (5)
The United States played well agansit the Killer Eagles who had Nidjek.But Micky Mouse got a Hat-Trick dominating the Nigerians for the US to have a Bronze 3rd


10 July 1994
Italy Icons-flag-it.png 12-11.5 Icons-flag-bg.png Bulgaria Neptune
Italian Fighter Plane (12) 58:21 Caramba(9),Stittyt(2.5)
Italy were prepared to take on Bulgaria, who had dominated the Whole Cup,but were almost brutally mauled when Bulgaria substituted Putek with the naturalised Brazilian Caramba(known for his M60 prowess),who proved to be one of Bulgaria's greatest players.The most interesting moment of the final was when Stittyt was given a free shot,so he scored 2 defenders + critically wounding a third with a well placed Mortar round into the subs bench. However some Italian Fighter Plane came and killed all the Bulgarians in the Field and one in the Bench. Making Italy the Champion.

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