1998 Bloodbath World Cup

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1998 WBA Bloodbath World Cup
Footix World Cup 98
Coupe du monde 1998 Bloodbath
Teams 21 (from many enterants)
Host France
Champions Flag of Mexico.png Mexico
Matches Played I dont know, do you know?
Attendance 50 Billon
Total Deaths 20 Millon

The France 98 Boodbath World Cup (AKA:Footix World Cup), was one of the best World Cups of all time, France hosted the cup annouced on January 1994, beating the hell out of Russia.Who hosted the 2002 editon.Won by Mexico suprisngley defeating Netherlands in the Final



Main Article:1998 Bloodbath World cup Squads

  • The squads were annouced just on March 13 1998, months before the killings begin.the high cancellor of major leauge bloodbath had this to say "i callum flitcroft challenge god to a game of rock paper scissors" god declined and killed chancellor callum "fig" flitcroft with a giant twinkie

two weeks later the two candidates running for chancellor (gandi and hiltler) were chosen and hitler won (Actually, McDonalds payed us 1,000,000 bucks to say that).


North America[edit]

  • The United States got a bye eliminating in a coninental play-off between India.
  • Greenland eliminated the Costa Ricans who won the Spitalia 90'.
  • The Bahamas defeated Guatamala amazingly since Guatamala were the Runners-up of the 1996 Gold Cup



  • Alexander Island lost play-offs to Chile and Argentina failing to qualify.


  • Croatia eliminated the 1996 Euro Champions Germany getting there Revenge.
  • Spain eliminated there Arch Rival Portugal
  • Ol' foes Scotland VS England Scotland thrashed england 7-2 with only David Beckham the only one that was trying to take England to the France 98.
  • Poland debistated The Defending Champions Italy with the Score of 5-3 in a close match that the Italians were told to have Drank to Much Vodka.
  • Austria eliminated Neigbors Switzerland with the Help of Adolf Hitler


South America[edit]

  • during a play-off, Chile Defeated Paraguay qualifying
  • During a play-off, Argentina defeated there rivals Brazil 3-1.


  • India eliminated Pakistan.
  • Iraq wins rival Iran in the Battle of the Gulf

== Venues ==[[penis ]] | Marsielle Marshmellows | 70,165 |- | Brest | Brest Stadium penis

| AC Brest (AKA:The Boobies | 1,000 |- | Normandy | Normandy Stadium | Normandy Nazis | 184,649 |- | Andorra la Vella | Andorra Stadium | Andorra Suckers | 1,400 |- | Lyon | Lion Stadium | Detriot Lions | 60,000 |- | Berlin | DIE STADIUM | Berlin Blitz | 900 |- | Wii60city | Mario Stadium | Wii60 Basterds | 41,876 |- | Scammon Bay | Scammon Bay Park | Yup'Ik Indians | 100 |- | Castries | Castries Stadium | Castries Killers | 3,000 |}

Group A[edit]

Team Pts W D L KD
Icons-flag-jm.png Jamaica 7 2 1 0 +2
Poland flag 1.png Poland 3 0 3 0 0
Icons-flag-cn.png China 2 0 2 1 -1
Icons-flag-jp.png Japan 2 0 2 1 -1

All times local (UTC+2)

Friday 9 June 1998
Jamaica Icons-flag-jm.png 2-2 Poland flag 1.png Poland Paris
Whitmore, Mr.Cigrate 8:64 The polish nazi (2)
Jamaica pulled out a very good draw agansit 1982 and 1990 runners-up a 2-2 draw in Paris.Poland were embaresed agansit minows jamaica.Mr.Cigratte and Whitmore pulled out Uzis gathering 2 kills for the Jamaicans leading 2-0.But the Polish Nazi threw a missle agansit Jamaica tying it 2-2.As jamaicans celbrated in France for there very impresive draw
Wednesday 14 June 1998
Japan Icons-flag-jp.png 1-1 Icons-flag-cn.png China Saint-Denis
PaRappa the Rapper 4:00 Yoo Suk Poo
The Chinese lead the game 1-0 after Yoo Suk Poo pulled out an AK-47 killing the Japannese captain, Shoungun Shuit.The Chinesse fans celbrated after leading the game 1-0.Nearly the game was gonna end, but PaRappa the Rapper broke China's hopes for a victory.Taking a very explosive poop killing one of the Chinesse Squad and splatterd all over some random Japanesse fan.
Wednesday 14 June 1998
Jamaica Icons-flag-jm.png 2-1 Icons-flag-jp.png Japan Scammon Bay
Some Random Guy (2) 1:00 PaRappa the Rapper
Jamaica's shock agansit Japan would gain them a win leading group after Some Random Jamaican threw a fire grenade burning 2 japs to the ground.Fire broke out on the field nearly coming to the seats.The match lasted only one hour.PaRappa the Rapper would later score for japan.
Thursday 15 June 1998
China Icons-flag-cn.png 2-2 Poland flag 1.png Poland Casteries
Shit Zoo (2) 3:13 Leoniads, Own Death
The China PR got another draw agansit europeans Poland.The small puny stadium actully fell down on a chinese player giving Poland a 1-0 lead.Leoniads got a kill for Poland after formely playing with Brazil.But China's Shit Zoo would later get 2 kills ending this game a draw for China.
Tuesday 20 June 1998
China Icons-flag-cn.png 1-2 Icons-flag-jm.png Jamaica Berlin
Fuk Azshit 9:53 Nobody (2)
Jamaica got a imoresive win 2-1 agansit the chinesse.China lead the game as captain Fuk Azshit got the kill.Nobody would later pull out his sword decapitating Yu Crap Communism, the China PR Captain.Then Nobody would drive his car and run-over a china player.For poland to advance from the Stage they have to get a draw
Tuesday 20 June 1998
Poland Poland flag 1.png 0-0 Icons-flag-jp.png Japan Normandy
None 3:18 None
Japan were knocked out of the Cup after drawing 0-0 with the poles.Neither team even got a kill.The match was pretty dull, a pole nearly died from PaRappa the Rappers poor raping skills.But at the end Polish fans celebrated in Normandy after advancing from the First Round

Group B[edit]

Team Pts W D L KD
Icons-flag-bv.png Norway 6 2 0 1 +3
Icons-flag-mx.png Mexico 5 1 2 0 +1
Icons-flag-ng.png Nigeria 4 1 1 1 0
Scotland Flag 1.png Scotland 1 0 1 2 -4

All times local (UTC+2)

Friday 9 June 1998
Mexico Icons-flag-mx.png 1-1 Scotland Flag 1.png Scotland Monteplleir
Hernandez 1:76 The Scotish Ranger
An unexpected draw came out for Scotland as they pulled very impresive agansit Mexico, champions in 86'.Scotland was very though after struggling in the First half trailing 1-0.However the scots got an unbalevabelie equalizer for there fans on a very flaming Cocktail
Wednesday 14 June 1998
Nigeria Icons-flag-ng.png 0-3 Icons-flag-bv.png Norway Saint-Denis
4:00 Brann, Ruster (2)
The Norwegins got a very impresive start to the World Cup with a Amazing win over Nigeria defeating the side 3-0.Ruster got 2 kills while Brann got a amazing kill agansit Nigeria.The Norwegins celbrated after there very impresive win over the African Giants and Suckers
Wednesday 14 June 1998
Nigeria Icons-flag-ng.png 4-1 Scotland Flag 1.png Scotland Paris
Nidjek, Over, Nigerian Fan (2) 1:00 Loch Ness Sea Monster
After a poor result agansit Norway, Nigeria killed the sucking squad of Scotland 4-1.Nidjek and Over team worked to get the "Killing Eagles" (The Nickname for Nigeria.)2 kills and lead the match 2-0.After the 1st half ended only 30 minutes, some random Nigerian Fan got the Nigerians leading 4-0 pulling and Uzi killing 2 members of the Tartan Army as they played very poor music.However, the Loch Ness Monster came and sat on some nigerian player killing him getting his name on the board.This was one of the more exiting matches for nigeria getting back in the cup after there Semi-Finals finish at the USA 94.
Thursday 15 June 1998
Mexico Icons-flag-mx.png 2-1 Norway Icons-flag-bv.png Normandy
The Mexican (2) 3:00 Some random guy
Mexico won the match agansit Norway after there poor draw agansit Scotland they won the European side Norway, Some Random Norwegin got a kill agansit Mexico giving a lead for Norway.However, The Mexican got a kill and was not seen by the defense and did another impresive kill.
Tuesday 20 June 1998
Icons-flag-bv.png Norway 2-1 Scotland Scotland Flag 1.png Berlin
Brann (2) 7:98 McLeish
Norway went to the 2nd round after sucsess agansit scotland winning 2-1.However randomly Alex McLeish Came out of retirment and killed the hell out of a player.
Tuesday 20 June 1998
Mexico Icons-flag-mx.png 0-0 Icons-flag-ng.png Nigeria Normandy
Nothing here, relly it was just a boring match scorless, however a big marachi party at the end made it cool.With the infamous Tamalas and Tacos.Yum!!!

Group C[edit]

Team Pts W D L KD
France flag 1.png France 7 2 1 0 +3
Icons-flag-cl.png Chile 3 0 3 0 0
Icons-flag-at.png Austria 2 0 2 1 -1
Icons-flag-gl.png Greenland 2 0 2 1 -2

All times local (UTC+2)

Friday 9 June 1998
France France flag 1.png 2-2 Icons-flag-cl.png Chile Normandy
Zidane (2) 1:98 Salas (2)
An unexpected draw came for Chile after down 0-1 when Zidane famously got Chile a beating from him teaching the Chileans a lesson in Normandy.However, famousley, Marcelo Salas t33ched France a lesson and the Chileans Lead the game 2-1 untill Zidane scored another kill for a draw for france.
Wednesday 14 June 1998
Greenland Icons-flag-gl.png 1-1 Icons-flag-at.png Austria Scammon Bay
Krutzman 6:98 Hitler
Greenland got a very important draw in the France 98 the first apperance and never qualified for the World Cup untill this moment.Adolf Hitler gave Austria a lead after coming out of retirment playing with the Tough Germany.However, Killer Krutzman got the kill and made it 1-1 for the greenland people and gave them a 1-1 draw in this beutifuel moment.
Wednesday 14 June 1998
France France flag 1.png 10-8 Icons-flag-gl.png Greenland Paris
Zidane (6), Vieria (2), Trezguet, Vieux Boulonge 5:32 Krutzman (6), Mr.Eskimo (2)
France got a impresive 10-8 after there 2-2 draw versus chile.Zidane impresivley got 6 kills, Vieria got 2, Trezgut got 1, and Vieux Boulonge smelled so bad he killed a Greenlander player getting his first kill with his debut for France.However, Krutzman impresivley got a hat-trick for greenland Since there Qualifier vs The Bahamas, who also qualified for the World Cup.Mr.Eskimo later did some damage agansit france and got 2 kills.However, they did not get an equaliser.Meaning France won the game.
Thursday 15 June 1998
Icons-flag-cl.png Chile 1-1 Icons-flag-at.png Austria Monteplleir
Chilean Hitler 2:01 Own Death
This match was pretty boring one of the most boringest matches of all time one Chilean bored to death from Hitlers poor bango playing.But during the near begging of the Second Half, Chilean Hitler mistaked Hoffer, a Austrian player, as a Chesse Burger.
Tuesday 20 June 1998
France flag 1.png France 2-1 Austria Icons-flag-at.png Berlin
Zidane, Viera 7:32 Adolf Hitler
France eliminated Austria out of the world cup.Nothing here, Zidane and Viera got kills again'
Tuesday 20 June 1998
Chile Icons-flag-cl.png 0-0 Greenland Icons-flag-gl.png Paris
Nothing here, Chile drew and gone to the Second Round.They celbrated in paris and Destroyed the Eiffel Tower

Group D[edit]

Team Pts W D L KD
Icons-flag-nl.png Netherlands 9 3 0 0 +5
Icons-flag-dk.png Denmark 6 2 0 1 +8
Icons-flag-be.png Belguim 3 1 0 2 0
India Flag 1.png India 0 0 0 3 -14

All times local (UTC+2)

Friday 9 June 1998
Denmark Icons-flag-dk.png 2-3 Netherlands Icons-flag-nl.png Paris
Landrup (2) 2:87 Kluviert, The Orange Guy (2)
Netherlands got it started winning 3-2 agansit 1992 European Bloodbath Champions Denmark.Micheal landrup got a very strong Cocktail killing 2 of the Dutch Squad.But Partick Kluviert fot a kill, but still traling to the Under-Dogs 2-1.However, the Orange Guy equalized it 2-2 and then later got a kill making it 3-2.
Wednesday 14 June 1998
Belgium Icons-flag-be.png 4-1 India Flag 1.png India Berlin
Peter Person (2), Belmish Dominater (2) 6:00 Yu Shed Pur
Belgium dominated the match like never before.Peter Person and the Belmish Dominater got Belgium up 4-0 impresivly takeing out the Asian Suckers from India.India was never into the match untill there captain Poop Poo Maldini got injured.Yu SHed Pur got a kill to get a kill for the Indians
Wednesday 14 June 1998
Denmark Icons-flag-dk.png 2-0 Icons-flag-be.png Belgium Paris
M.Landrup (2) 5:87
Belgium for unknown reasons Drank Vodka and lost the Match.Thats all i got to say.
Thursday 15 June 1998
Netherlands Icons-flag-nl.png 3-0 India Flag 1.png India D-Day
The Ornage Guy (3) 2:01
Like belgium, India randomly drank Vodka and lost the goddamm match.Stupid People these days.Holland had no problem winning.
Tuesday 20 June 1998
Icons-flag-nl.png Netherlands 1-0 Belgium Icons-flag-be.png Berlin
N.York 3:98
Belgiums squad was weakend after there hotel room blew up killing half of the Squad.N.York gatherd a kill for the Netherlands.Netherlands advanced to the second round.
Tuesday 20 June 1998
Denmark Icons-flag-dk.png 11-3 India India Flag 1.png Scammon Bay
M.Landrup (7), Mr.Snow (4) 3:00 Yun Shed poor, Okdf, The Indian Fan
India was embaresed by the Danish in a 3-Hour only match killing most of Indians.They were thrashed devistated

Round of 16[edit]

All times local (UTC +2) Please note Netherlands were allowed back into the Cup

Friday 30 June 1998
Bahamas Icons-flag-bs.png 9-5 Icons-flag-nf.png Norfolk Island Berlin
S.Salvador (6), Columbus (2), Mr.Sunny 2:75 Norfolk Islander (3), D.Driver (2)
The Bahamas had a solid tactic with stars such as Columbus, S.Salvador, and more.The Bahamas were the under-dogs defeating Norfolk.Bahaman fans celbrate after qualifying for the first time.
Friday 30 June 1998
United States Icons-flag-us.png 3-4 Icons-flag-hr.png Croatia Normandy
G.I Joe, McBribe, Donavon 3:89 Suker (3), Hosdaf
Favirotes United States were facing Euro 96 3rd place finishers Croatia.Donavon was sent to france even being very young at only age 16 playing for the USA U-17 team.G.I Joe, McBride, and Donavon were the only scorers for the US.Croatia's Suker and Hosdaf easily scored agansit the States.

Saturday 1 July 1998
Jamaica Icons-flag-jm.png 1-8 Icons-flag-es.png Spain Scammon Bay
Mr.Cigrate 3:54 Raul (5), Rodriquez (2), Some Random Spanish Fan
La Bloody Fury were agansit carribean Jamaica who supruginsly won Group A.But Spain took them to the trash wining 8-1.Mr.Cigrate got the opener giving the lead to jamaica.However, a spanish fan was so mad he killed a jamaican fan giving a spot for him in the Squad.Raul got his Hat-Trick getting a bloody 5 kills, Rodriquez got 2 kills making it a mad 8-1.The Jamaican players were very frustrated and had to go home.While Spain kept things in France well.
1 July 1998
Poland Poland flag 1.png 2-3 Icons-flag-bv.png Norway Andorra la Vella
The Polish Nazi (2) 8:65 Eggs (3)
Norway decided to kick some major ass after dominating Group B.They were down 2-0 but Eggen (AKA:Eggs) kicked major ass pulling out a Shotgun shoting the hell out of 3 poles kind of reinacting World War 2 again.
3 July 1998
Chile Icons-flag-cl.png 2-3 Icons-flag-dk.png Denmark Normandy
Salas (2) 8:34 D.India (2), Mr.Boston
Chile used a very good tactic but lost the match becuase Mr.Boston from I Love New York randomly came out randomly running over a chilean.Mr.Boston says, "I was just trying to take New York on a Date to France", but instead help the Danish get to the Quarter-Finals
3 July 1998
France France flag 1.png 2-1 Icons-flag-nl.png Netherlands Montplleir
Zidane (2) 8:01 Alien
France advanced to the next round after winning the Netherlands 2-1.The only killer for Holland was an alien witch invaded a French Player.
7 July 1998 Argentina Icons-flag-ar.png 7-3 Iraq flag 1.png Iraq Andorra la Vella
Crespo, Bautistia (3), Maxi Rodriquez, Mario Kempes (2) 6:14 Saddam Huessin (3)
Argentina rounded up all Iraqis as a deadly match was givin with lots of blood involved.Hernan Crespo, Gabriel Bautistia, Maxi Rodriquez, and Mario Kempes all scored for argentina and eliminated Iraq 7-3.'
7 July 1998 Mexico Icons-flag-mx.png 10-5 Wales Flag 1.png Wales Wii60city
Maradona (4), Luis Hernandez (2), Blanco (2), Borgetti (2) 7:32 John, Brad (4)
Wales were playing Mexico it was a decent and deadly match that 15 kills were scored.Many welsh were killed and ended up Mexico 10-5 Wales with wales no chance of winning exept with there star Brad.'


All times local (UTC +2)

5 July 1998
Mexico Icons-flag-mx.png 9-8 Icons-flag-ar.png Argentina Wii60city
E.Rising (2), Marquez (2), Suarez (2), Bender Bending Rodriquez (3) 4:98 H.Crespo (5), Bautista (3)
Winners in the last match Argentina were facing Mexico, With a very impresive tactic.Even with Bender Bending Rodriquez on the field.However, They had Hernan Crespo on the field getting his Hat-Trick giving Argentina a 5-0 advantage over Mexico.However, E.Rising and Marquez decided to kick some ass.With Suarez giving mexico a lead too.Bender got 2 kills advantage over argentina.However, Bautista scored 3 kills getting a Equaliser.But Mexico's Bender Bending Rodriquez getting his kill safley securing mexico into the Semi-Finals.
July 5 1998
Croatia Icons-flag-hr.png 6-3 Icons-flag-bs.png Bahamas Lyon
Suker (4), A Hooligan (2) 6:00 A Tourist (3)
Yugoslavian Nation Croatia were facing The Bahamas.After dominating Norfolk Island, Croatia dominated them.Suker got a opener with a Hat-Trick making it 4-0.But at the Croatian lockers at half-time, some tourist from The Bahamas despratley had a Brawl beating up 3 Croatians making it a unexpected scoreboard getting him into the Bahaman Squad.However, A hooligan from Yugoslavia despratley was violent killing 2 Bahman players.Into the squad as he said, "I didn't even see them"

7 July 1998
Spain Icons-flag-es.png 1-0 Icons-flag-bv.png Norway Brest
Raul 0:30
This match was so boring a Norwegin bored to death (or went to sleep) after seeing Raul's favirote boring programs.Ending this game for Spain.
7 July 1998 Denmark Icons-flag-dk.png 3-4 France flag 1.png France Marsielle
Jensen (3) 8:00 Zidane (3) Vieux Boulongue
This was a exiting match that Jensen got a opener in Marsielle giving Denmark a 1-0 lead, but Vieux Boulongue got his 2nd kill in the Tortument.1-1 tie.And Zidane made it 3-1.But Jensen kicked some ass getting 2 kills.But Zidane got another kill.Ending this game for france.

Play-off between Netherlands and Croatia[edit]

Netherlands had one chance to advance to the Semi-Finals, to beat Croatia in the Play-off. All times local (UTC +2)

9 July 1998
Netherlands Icons-flag-nl.png 2-1 Icons-flag-hr.png Croatia Casteries
The Orange Man, Rud van Nistrlooy 2:00 Davor Sucker
Netherlands were able to make it to the Semi-Finals after defeating Croatia in the play-off.They were scared after in a freindly match when Croatia thrased them 30-12.But they won 2-1 won after trailing 1-0 by a kill by Davor Sucker


All times local (UTC +2)

11 July 1998
Netherlands Icons-flag-nl.png 4-1 France flag 1.png France Wii60city
Kluviert (4) 1:00 Zidane
After losing in the Round of 16 to France Netherlands decided to get revenge getting Patrick Kluviert getting 4 kills.But Zidane scored and later made it 4-1, but the Netherlands won anyways.

11 July 1998
Mexico Icons-flag-mx.png 1-0 Icons-flag-es.png Spain Berlin
Lopez 10:00
Mexico scored in Extra Time after George Lopez Scored.In a Olympic Kill, but the whole match was bordem


15 July 1998
Mexico Icons-flag-mx.png 100-3 Icons-flag-nl.png Netherlands Paris
Mexican Jesus (100) 3:00 Kluviert, The Orange Guy, Mr.Holland
Mexican Jesus killed 100 of the Dutch players after down 3-0.He denied them and killed them automaticly.With the dutch embaressed, Mexico lifter up there First title.

3rd Place Match[edit]

All times local (UTC +2)

17 July 1998
France France flag 1.png 3-2 Icons-flag-es.png Spain Andorra la Vella
Zidane (2), French Fry 3:00 Raul, Hierro
Spain took the lead in Andorra La Vella after Raul taking a number 2 poisning a French player.Later Hierro, who was 65, got a impresive kill giving Spain a 2-0 lead.Spain looked like there were gonna embarrese France on there Home.However, Zidane got 2 kills getting the Equaliser.Then French Fry got a kill giving france a Bronze 3rd place.

Moan the Scotland Get it Round ye :D

Video Game[edit]

WBA World Cup 98 was the Offical video game for the Nintendo 64, Windows 98, PlayStation, and later can be downloaded off the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.It fetured all the teams including 12 popular teams that did not qualify are

It was developed by EA Canadians and Published by Ea Shorts


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