2002 Bloodbath World Cup

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2002 WBA Bloodbath World Cup
Кровиванны 2002 Кубока мира
Teams 16 (from 75 entrants)
Host Russia
Champions Icons-flag-br.png Brazil
Matches Played 32
Attendance 44,694,872
Total Deaths 28,561,497

The 2002 Bloodbath World Cup (officially titled 2002 WBA World Cup Mother Russia, sometimes referred to as the Bloodbath World Cup or just the World Cup) finals took place in Russia between 16 June and 17 July 2006. Qualification for the tournament was completed in December 2001, with all 22 18 16 17 16 competing teams confirmed.

The tournament was a veritable gore-fest of battering, flattening and splattering, with the world's elite Bloodbath nations coming together to participate in the third Bloodbath World Cup.

Russia 2002[edit]

The 2002 event was hosted by Russia, much to the surprise of the Poles. In June 1990, they won the rights to this over Germany (because we kicked your ass in Great Patriotic War who will host the Bloodbath World Cup in 2006), Poland, Canada (eh?) and Kazakhstan, oh, and the unimportant island tribe of America.

City Original stadium Host club(s) Capacity
Moscow Mafia Arena Moscow Mafia 200,623
Saint Petersburg Peter the Great Field St. Petersburg Saints 194,627.5
Chernobyl Winter Field Chernobyl H-Bomb 99,998
Kazan Borat Field Kazan Imperials 198,643
Novosibirsk AOL Arena Mr. Nobody 64,646
Stalingrad Vodka Field Stalingrad Patriots 184,649
Kaiserslautern Bratwurst Stadium The Kaisers 89,473
Novgorod LOL Field Novgorod Vikings 100,100
Berlin Das Arena of Death Berlin Blitz 4
the Moon K-9 Park the Dark Side 867-5309
Anchorage Anchor Park Moscow Mafia 94,687
Kabul Jihad Stadium Afghanistan Taliban 79,623


The following teams, shown by seeding, qualified for the Finals. The number in brackets is the country’s seeding for the tournament. Qualification was decided based on knockout stages: a large melee match in which all 75 of the world's professional Bloodbath-playing nations took part. The survivors progressed to the final stages in Russia.

The number in the brackets is the number that they ranked in the qualifiers. The rank after that in parenthesis is just some random number that I decided to put there for no reason whatsoever other than to confuse you.


Teams had to make it past the qualify round fought in december 2001 and january of 2002 in order to play in the 2002 Bloodbath World Cup. The top 16 teams in the qualifier moved on to the real deal.

North America[edit]

  • The powerful American squad dominated North America in the qualifiers, scoring 198 kills and suffering only 6 loses in continental play.
  • El Salvador came from behind and shocked powerhouse Mexico (1998 Bloodbath World Cup Champions) by a score of 9-8 in a match that lasted just under three hours, eliminating the Mexicans who were expected to be a contender to go all the way even the in world cup.This was one of the most exting matches. And also suposdley bloody since the Champions did not qualify.
  • Canada eliminated Angutia to the Final Round to play-off agansit El Salvador
  • Bermuda eliminated Cuba with a record score of 5442186-0 with Bermuda Triangle scoring almost all the kills .

South America[edit]


  • In one of the biggest upsets (and surpises alongside with th El Salvador VS Mexico match) in the history of the sport, tiny Estonia eliminated powerhouse France in a match that lasted 10hours, 43minutes & 18seconds. Estonia beat France 12-10. Rioting in Paris ensued as a result of this.
  • 2000 European Champions Ukraine was eliminated by rival Russia by a score of 2-1.
  • Luxembourg, having eliminated many a contender, and thus qualifying to do battle with powerhouse Germany, decided to withdraw from competition for no apparent reason, just minutes before their battle with Germany was supposed to begin. Franz der Häßlich, captain of the German team, claimed that "(Luxembourg) is just a bunch of little panzies,und zhay vere too scared to do battle wizh zhe might of zhay powerful German Army." This infuriated zhem, I mean them, so much, that they reentered and took on Germany, and absolutely destroyed them 16-1. However, it was later discovered that Luxembourg president Ahjiksag Kahkafte paid Franz der Häßlich 100,000 euros and his eldest daughter if he would let Luxembourg win, and Luxembourg was eliminated rather than Germany.
  • In one of the longest and bloodiest European battles in 4 decades days, Spain defeated and eliminated Italy. The match lasted 3:16:22:01 and the final score was 19-15.



In a combined Australia and Africa qualification:

  • South Africa also unexpectedly withdrew from competition. They had clinched a spot in the World Cup, but for no apparent reason decided to withdraw. It was later revealed that the main reason for this was because the had lost all but two members of their team in a friendly-match against Antarctica. The South Africans actually won the match with relatively few casualties, but over 95% of their team was swallowed up by a giant whale on the trip home.


Groups were announced on May 31, 2002. They were chosen completely at random because I said so.

Pot A Pot B Pot C Pot D

Icons-flag-us.png United States
Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey
Icons-flag-ch.png Switzerland
Icons-flag-jp.png Japan

Icons-flag-ru.png Russia
England flag 1.png England
Icons-flag-ee.png Estonia
22px-Flag of Serbia.png Yugoslavia

Germany Flag 1.png Germany
Icons-flag-cn.png China
Icons-flag-ca.png Canada
Icons-flag-ie.png Ireland

Icons-flag-br.png Brazil
Scotland Flag 1.png Scotland
Flag-of-spain.png Spain
Israel.svg Israel

So ya, that's pretty much the way it goes. We divided the teams into groups, zhen zhe killings begin! Mwah-ha-ha-ha!

Group A[edit]

Team Pts W D L KF KA KD
Icons-flag-us.png United States 6 2 0 1 15 9 +6
Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey 6 2 0 1 12 11 +1
Icons-flag-ch.png Switzerland 4 1 1 1 12 16 -4
Icons-flag-jp.png Japan 1 0 1 2 15 19 -4

All times are what time it was in Moscow. (UTC +2)

Friday 16 June 2002
United States Icons-flag-us.png 7-4 Icons-flag-jp.png Japan Moscow
Cheney (2), Bush (2), Bugs Bunny (2), Donavon, 4:64 Godzilla (3), Tom Cruise
In the very first match of the 2002 Bloodbath World Cup, the States came out on top in a particularly gruesome encounter in which eleven kills were inflicted before referee Vladimir Petersburgski halted the contest after five hours and 4 minutes. The States attacked right of the bat and quickly got 4 kills. Japan, led by Tom Cruise, attempted to make a comeback, but it wasn't enough.
Saturday 17 June 2002
Switzerland Icons-flag-ch.png 4-3 Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey St. Petersburg
Bruno the Yoddler (3), You 2:53 Atatürk (3)
The match between Switzerland and Turkey was a very close one all up until Bruno the Yoddler got another kill for the Swiss at 2:49. Atatürk and the Turks fought valiantly, but lost in the last minutes.
Wednesday 20 June 2002
United States Icons-flag-us.png 1-3 Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey Chelyabinsk
Bugs Bunny 3:16 Atatürk (2), Some Random Turk
In a big upset, Turkey knocked off America. The Americans attacked the Turks the entire match, but Atatürk led his "troops" to victory, holding off the attack, and attacking only four minutes before the match ended.
Thursday 21 June 2002
Switzerland Icons-flag-ch.png 6-6 Icons-flag-jp.png Japan Kazan
Bruno the Yoddler (3), Franz Johann, Phillipe the Chocolatier, Tom the Cat 5:59 Pikachu (3), Hello Kitty (2), Naruto
In a bloody battle that lasted just four seconds under 6 hours, Switzerland and Japan tied 6-6. Bruno the Yoddler got three kills (again) for the Swiss, but out of nowhere, Pikachu put up a good performance for the Japanese.
Sunday 24 June 2002
United States Icons-flag-us.png 7-2 Icons-flag-ch.png Switzerland Moscow
Brett Favre (3), Bugs Bunny, Paris Hilton, PeeWee Herman, Me 5:21 Bruno the Yoddler, Phillipe the Chocolatier
What was originally a highly-anticipated match turned into a complete blowout. The States came out firing on all cylinders, and the Swiss were powerless to stop them. Switzerland put up a good fight, but in the end they proved to be no match for the United States.
Monday 25 June 2002
Japan Icons-flag-jp.png 5-6 Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey Saint Petersburg
Yoshi (4), Shintoism 6:01 Atatürk (6)
Another highly anticipated match actually turned into a fairly good one. When all seemed lost for Japan, they used their secret weapon, Shintoism, and almost defeated Turkey. Yoshi played the match of his carrer, but it wasn't enough, and in the last minutes, Turkey defeated Japan 6-5.

Group B[edit]

Team Pts W D L KF KA KD
Icons-flag-ru.png Russia 7 2 1 0 21 6 +15
England flag 1.png England 6 2 0 1 5 2 +3
Icons-flag-ee.png Estonia 4 1 1 1 9 6 +3
22px-Flag of Serbia.png Yugoslavia 0 0 0 3 2 23 -21
Friday 17 June 2002
Russia Icons-flag-ru.png 4-4 Icons-flag-ee.png Estonia Novosibirsk
Vodka (2), Anastasia 5:23 Hhjiakshki (3), Edgar Savisaar
This crazy match began rather slowly, with everybody on both sides taking a nap for the first 2 hours of the match. Then, a random Estonian guy named Hhjiakshki woke up for four minutes and drank some vodka. Nobody exactly knows how he got three kills (because everyone was asleep), but he did. When it ended, Estonia actually had won it 4-3, but the scorekeeper guy miscounted Russia's score, and it's been called a tie ever since.
Saturday 18 June 2002
England England flag 1.png 3-0 22px-Flag of Serbia.png Yugoslavia Stalingrad
David Beckham (2), Henry VIII 6:01
David Beckham played a strong match in this one against Yugoslavia, kicking Yugoslavian team captain Franz Ferdinand right in the place where the sun don't shine...twice. Henry VIII also had a kill in England's 3-0 victory over Serbia Yugoslavia.
Monday 20 June 2002
Russia Icons-flag-ru.png 15-1 22px-Flag of Serbia.png Yugoslavia Kaiserslautern
Anastasia (4), Vodka (2), Joseph Stalin (2), Russian Bear, Rasputin, <insert name here> 3:18 Own Death (4) Franz Ferdinand
In one of the most one-sided matches in the history of the Bloodbath World Cup, Russia absolutely annihalated Yugoslavia 15-1. Anastasia, Vodka, Joseph Stalin, the Russian Bear, Rasputin and <insert name here> all scored at least one kill for Russia, and 4 Yugoslavians even committed suicide because of how bad it was. Wow!
Tuesday 21 June 2002
England England flag 1.png 1-0 Icons-flag-ee.png Estonia Novosibirsk
Johnny Depp 1:36
This was a rather boring match in which Johnny Depp scored the one and only kill of the entire match. That's all I have to say, because this summary is about as boring as the match was.
Sunday 26 June 2002
Russia Icons-flag-ru.png 2-1 England flag 1.png England Stalingrad
Pavlyuchenko (2) 10:24 Paul Scholes
In an alright match that wasn't quite the best in the entire history of all time, Russia defeated England 2-1 with yet another boring summary.
Monday 27 June 2002
Estonia Icons-flag-ee.png 5-1 22px-Flag of Serbia.png Yugoslavia Novosibirsk
Hhjiakshki (3), Edgar Savisaar 4:09 Own Death, Franz Ferdinand
In the final match of a disappointing Cup for Yugoslavia, they weren't defeated as bad as they were against Russia, but they did have another person commit suicide. Oh, and Estonia didn't do too bad either.

Group C[edit]

Team Pts W D L KF KA KD
Germany Flag 1.png Germany 7 2 1 0 19 8 +11
Icons-flag-ie.png Ireland 6 2 0 1 10 5 +5
Icons-flag-ca.png Canada 4 1 1 1 8 8 ±0
Icons-flag-cn.png China 0 0 0 3 4 21 -17
Saturday 18 June 2002
Germany Germany Flag 1.png 3-2 Icons-flag-ie.png Ireland Berlin
Heinrich Himler, the Red Baron, Wilhelm 6:54 Bono (2)
The very first match of Pot C was a good one between Germany and Ireland. Bono scored 2 kills for the Irish, both of them being domeshots to German team captain Franz der Häßlich. It was a good match, but in the end the Germans came out on top.
Sunday 19 June 2002
China Icons-flag-cn.png 0-4 Icons-flag-ca.png Canada Novgorod
1:19 Penalty Vince Carter (2), Adams, Walker, Stevens
Canada came out firing on all cylinders in this match, showing absolutely no flaws as they beat China 4-0 after just 1:19...of course it does help the fact that the Canadians cheated and used a snow plow, but we'll just overlook that fact.
Monday 20 June 2002
Germany Germany Flag 1.png 12-2 Icons-flag-cn.png China Berlin
Rammstein (5), Crazy Frog (3), Otto von Bismark (3), Donald Duck 6:54 Jackie Chan (2)
The worn-out Chinese, playing just a single day after their disastrous match ownage against Canada, were completely and totally pwn3d against the powerful German War Machine, 12-2. Rammstein played a particularly good match, scoring five kills for Germany.
Sunday 21 June 2002
Canada Icons-flag-ca.png 0-4 Icons-flag-ie.png Ireland Novgorod
5:74 Jones (2), Jack Daniels, Qui-Gon Jinn
Bono was a no show in this match, calling in sick with the flu just minutes before the match was to begin (in reality he really went fishing). It didn't matter much, the Irish still crushed the Canadians 4-0 with yet another boring summary.
Saturday 26 June 2002
Germany Germany Flag 1.png 4-4 Icons-flag-ca.png Canada Berlin
Rammstein (3), Frederick the Great 6:54 Penalty Rudolf the Red-Noised Mountie (2), Leif Erickson (2), You
Canada nearly became the first country to beat Germany, but then again, they are Canada, so with the exception of hockey (maybe), the Canadians suck at everything they do (eh), so they only tied Germany rather than beating them.
Sunday 27 June 2002
China Icons-flag-cn.png 2-5 Icons-flag-ie.png Éire Novgorod
Jackie Chan (2) 7:74 Jones (2), Qui-Gon Jinn (2), Kelly
Yet again, Ireland was without Bono due to "the flu", but even without him, Ireland, a rather undeveloped bloodbath club, was able to take down the mighty Chinese team. The efforts of Jackie Chan, who kicked Kelly in the face in quite literally the last minute, were not enough for the Chinese to win.

Group D[edit]

Team Pts W D L KF KA KD
Icons-flag-br.png Brazil 9 3 0 0 17 13 +4
Israel.svg Israel 4 1 1 1 20 19 +1
Scotland Flag 1.png Scotland 2 0 2 1 19 20 -1
Flag-of-spain.png Spain 1 0 1 2 11 15 -4
Sunday 19 June 2002
Brazil Icons-flag-br.png 5-4 Scotland Flag 1.png Scotland the Moon
Own Death, Ronaldinho (3), Rivaldo, Ronaldo 4:43 William Wallace (2), Mel Gibson
Well, Scotland tried, but they weren't quite good enough.We Brazil even gave Scotland a head start, starting off the match with an Own Death, but still we Brazil was too powerful for the Scots.
Monday 20 June 2002
Spain Flag-of-spain.png 2-5 Israel.svg Israel Anchorage
Cortés, Velazquez 5:51 Moses (3), Adam and Eve, Yasir Arafat
The Israelis really put on a show in this one, with Israeli team captain Moses parting the Spaniards like the Red Sea. Moses later commented "That never gets old!" Adam and Eve did their all-famous "streaking routine" again, in which Eve walked right in front of a random Spaniard. Eve then lured him over to Adam who hit the Spaniard on his dome with a frying pan.
Thrusday 23 June 2002
Brazil Icons-flag-br.png 8-6 Israel.svg Israel Kabul
Rivaldo (4), Pelé (2), Ronaldo, Ronaldinho 3:01 Jehovah (6)
Brazil just completely and totally lit up the Israelis in this match, scoring eight kills within the first two hours. Of course Jehovah did intervene and score 6 kills within two minutes for Israel, but we'll just forget about that part. We Brazil still won, and that's all that matters.
Friday 24 June 2002
Spain Flag-of-spain.png 6-6 Scotland Flag 1.png Scotland the Moon
El Cid (3), Franco (2), Bananas in Pajamas 10:53 Jon Willingham (3), William Wallace (2), Mel Gibson
"Los Conquistadores" were pretty much not there in the match (except for El Cid), I mean there were there but simultaneously there weren't there. Nevermind. Jon Willingham (who ironically is English rather than Scottish) had a good match today, but so did El Cid for the Spaniards. It ended after only 10 hours and 53 minutes with a tie score.
Sunday 26 June 2002
Brazil Icons-flag-br.png 4-3 Flag-of-spain.png Spain Anchorage
Own Death, Blanka (2), Pelé (2) 8:10 Cortés, El Cid
Brazil scored another Own Death in this match against España. Nobody cares about Brazil anyways. Hey, are you from Argentina you little blankety blankety blank blank blank you? Ya, well what are you gonna due about it? Oh you want to go? Bring it on. Okay, I'll see you in the parking lot...We interrupt this lovely conversation for an important news bulletin. A study conducted by scientist from the University of Arkansas recently shows that 97% of non-Brazilians in the world don't care about Brazil. That is all.
Friday 24 June 2002
Scotland Scotland Flag 1.png 9-9 Israel.svg Israel Kabul
Jon Willingham (3), William Wallace (2), Mel Gibson (2), Goliath, <insert name here> 19:56 Moses (4), Elijah (3), King David (2)
In one of the longest and nicest bloodiest matches yet in the 2002 Bloodbath World Cup, Scotland and Israel both tied. Moses parted the Scots in this one, but the Scots, led by Jon Willingham came back and made a good one out of it, wish that this summary was as good as the match, I'd win a Nobel Prize!

the Playoffs[edit]

After a bloody group play round, the play time was over, and it was time for the eight teams that made it, America, Turkey, Russia, England, Germany, Ireland, Brazil and Israel, to get serious.


All times

Friday 7 July 2002
Brazil Icons-flag-br.png 13-12 Icons-flag-ru.png Russia Moscow
Own Death, Blanka (5), Pelé (3), Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Vasco da Gama, Some Random Brazilian Chick, You 14:06 Joseph Stalin (3), Borat (3), Rasputin, Anastasia, Vodka, You, Me
This was a brutal match between the Russians and the Brazilians that lasted for over 14 hours and resulted in 25 deaths (not including the audience). The Russian crowd was brutal towards Brazil, as they kept shouting (in Russian of course) "Nobody cares about Brazil!" and other stuff, getting in the "Soccer Football Holligan's" grill all night. We The Brazilians still put up a good fight, and barely won it, eliminating hometown hero Russia.
Tuesday 24 July 2002
America Icons-flag-us.png 10-10 (30-31 pen) Israel.svg Israel Anchorage
G.I. Joe (4), Bugs Bunny (3), Brett Favre, Jon Willingham, Samus 20:00 Moses (5), King David (2), Chewbacca (2), Jon Willingham
This was also a brutal match between powerhouse America and underdog Israel that lasted 20 hours. Even fought on "American" soil in Anchorage, Alaska, it was called a draw after 20:00 and for the very first time in World Cup history, a match was decided by a shootout. What happened was all players lined up and shot at each other with randomly loaded muskets. Israel just edged out America 30-31, eliminating the Americans. Ha ha, too bad for you!
Wednesday 7 July 2002
England England flag 1.png 15-16 Icons-flag-ie.png Ireland Stalingrad
Henry VIII (5), David Beckham (5), Jones (2), Johnny Depp (2), You 29:06 Oscar Wilde (3), Qui-Gon Jinn (3), Bono (3), Kelly (3), Brinnon (2), Jack Daniels, Jon Willingham
This was an extremely interesting and exciting match between hated rivals enemies England and Ireland. The match also lasted nearly 30 hours. The Irish finally got a chance to pay-back England for the hundreds of years of captivity that you did to us...I mean them. At 25:28, the Scottish team, although eliminated, randomly charged into the fray and starting killing English at will. These kills were not counted for Ireland or against England. We Éire still won despite this.
Thursday 6 July 2002
Deutschland Germany Flag 1.png 6-7 Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey Anchorage
Rammstein (5), Crazy Frog, Otto von Bismark 4:16 Atatürk (5), Some Random Turk (2)
This one wasn't quite as good as the other three, but it was still a good one as Turkey eliminated Germany. Although the game match was pretty good, this summary is not.


Monday 10 July 2002
Brazil Icons-flag-br.png 12-6 Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey Berlin
Ronaldo (4), Pelé (3), Jones (2), Rivaldo(2), Ronaldinho 8:16 Own Death, Atatürk (6)
Although it was supposed predicted to be Brazil versus Germany, Turkey pulled off the upset and as a result got to play Brazil (some reward, huh?). Turkey almost pulled off the upset in this one too, leading 6-2 after 7:25, but then Atatürk went down critically wounded for the Turks. After this the Brazilians absolutely annihalated the Turks. The game ended 12-6 Brazil.
Tuesday 11 July 2002
Israel Israel.svg 13-12 Icons-flag-ie.png Ireland Kazan
Moses (5), King David (3), Adam and Eve (2), Saladin, Me, You 15:33 Penalty (2), Oscar Wilde (5), Qui-Gon Jinn (5), Kelly (2), Jones, Stevens
In a battle of underdogs, Israel barely defeated Éire 13-12. The Irish were just too stubborn (and drunk) to give up. Ireland technically won it, but they committed two penalties (not at the same time), and so they barely lost. Ireland also lost their three best players (other than Bono who caught malaria) towards the end: Oscar Wilde, Qui-Gon Jinn and Kelly. Oh ya, Israel played a fairly good match as well.

Third Place[edit]

The two teams that lost in the Semifinals get one last chance to take Bronze.

Saturday 18 July 2002
Turkey Flag of Turkey.svg 7-5 Icons-flag-ie.png Ireland Stalingrad
Darth Maul (6) 10:58 Own Death, Bono (2), Stevens, Brinnon, Jon Willingham
In the third place battle, Turkey (without their best player, Atatürk,) defeated Ireland (who was even more shorthanded then Turkey). Yet again, the Irish just wouldn't give up, but in the end, it doesn't even matter it wasn't enough. Bono was able to play in this one, but went down at 3:46 after only 2 kills. Ireland's last great player, Jon Willingham also went down just minutes after Bono. The Irish survivors, as Oscar Wilde randomly lived, said it wasen't even worth a try to defeat Powerhouse Turkey, who would later go onto win the UEFA Euro Bloodbath Championship 2004.

the Finals[edit]

Sunday 17 July 2002
Brazil Icons-flag-br.png 9-8 Israel.svg Israel Moscow
Rivaldo (4), Ronaldinho (2), Ronaldo (2) 8:59 Own Death, Moses (5), Yasir Arafat, Adam and Eve, <insert name here>
The Finals pitted undefeated Brazil against underdog non-undefeated Israel. The Israelis were looking to avenge us Brazil for their 8-6 victory over them back on June 23rd. Rivaldo (as always) had a strong match for the Brazilians. Moses "parted the Brazilians", and Adam and Eve did their famous "streaking routine" again...twice, but it still wasn't enough for Israel to bring down the World Champion Brazil.


Gold Medal- Icons-flag-br.png Brazil (World Champions)

Silver Medal- Israel.svg Israel

Bronze Medal- Flag of Turkey.svg Turkey

Not-Quite-As-Important-but-Hey-It-Counts-For-Something 4th Place- Icons-flag-ie.png Ireland

MVP: Flag of Turkey.svg Atatürk of Turkey (he beat Blanka by .001 of a vote)

"Brutality Cup" (awarded to the nation with the most overall kills): Israel.svg Israel (52)

"Other Brutality Cup" (awarded to the nation with most kills in group play): Icons-flag-ru.png Russia (21)

"Band-Aid Bowl" (awarded to the nation with most loses in group play): 22px-Flag of Serbia.png Yugoslavia (23)

"Wrist Slit Trophy" (awarded to the nation with the most own death's): 22px-Flag of Serbia.png Yugoslavia (5)

"You-Got-Knocked-the-Fuck-Out Trophy" (awarded to the nation with the most amount of kills in a single match): Icons-flag-ie.png Ireland (16 versus England on 7 July)

"Loner Cup" (awarded to the nation that nobody cares about): Icons-flag-br.png Brazil and Icons-flag-ee.png Estonia, but mostly Icons-flag-br.png Brazil

"Fair Play" Icons-flag-ie.png Oscar Wilde and Bono

"Pumpkineater Medal" (awarded to the nation that cheated (or tried to) the most): Icons-flag-ca.pngCanada

All-Star Team[edit]

No. Player Position Age Club
1 Icons-flag-us.png Bugs Bunny KK (Kill Keeper) 24 Boston Red Sox (USA)
2 Icons-flag-jp.png Naruto LB 4 You Tube FC (England)
3 Icons-flag-tr.png Atatürk CB 41 FC Barcelona (Spain)
4 Icons-flag-il.png Moses CB Infinity Interstate Road Kills (Canada)
5 Icons-flag-ee.png Edgar Savisaar RB 54 Norvgood Vikings (Norway)
17 Icons-flag-ru.png Vodka DM 32 Moscow Reds (Russia)
17 England flag 1.png David Beckham LM 28 Real Madrid (Spain)
26 Icons-flag-ie.png Oscar Wilde DM 98 Hanover Nazis (Germany)
45 Icons-flag-ie.png Bono AM 60 Cork City (Ireland)
90 Icons-flag-es.png Fransisco Franco RM 75 Hanover Nazis (Germany)
87 Icons-flag-cn.png Jackie Chan FW 25 Beijing Toys R US Branch (China)
82 Icons-flag-br.png Ronaldo CF 32 Oakland A's (USA)
76 Icons-flag-br.png Ronaldinho CF 27 FC Barcelona (Spain)
73 Icons-flag-br.png Rivaldo CF 56 Rio Death Squad (Brazil)
634 Icons-flag-tr.png Some Random Turk CF 20 Istanbul Stars FC
00 Germany Flag 1.png Crazy Frog CF 4 Berlin Blitz

*Note, Darth Maul missed the first five matches for Turkey, playing only in the last Turkish match against Ireland. He was in prison, released the day of the match versus Ireland. He was killed in the very last minute by Brinnon. Since he only played in one match, he was not allowed a spot on the all-star roster.

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