2004 UEFA Bloodbath Euro Championships

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2004 bloodbath euro cup Syberia
Mykrimy sihricky
Teams 12 16 (from 17 entrants)
Champions Dddd.jpg Hungarian Gypsis and Euro Gypsis
Matches Played 32
Kills Scored infinity
Attendance by TV

The 2004 Bloodbath Euro Cup (officially titled 2004 Bloodbath Euro Cup CCCP, sometimes referred to as the Bloodbath World Cup or just the World Cup) finals took place in CCCP between 1 january and 31 December 2000. Qualification for the tournament was completed in December 1999, with all 16 competing teams confirmed (Without Malta ) .

The tournament was a veritable gore-fest of battering, flattening and splattering, with the euro's elite Bloodbath nations (+ Brasil) coming together to participate in the Bloodbath Euro Cup.

Syberia 2004[edit]

The 2004 event was hosted by CCCP. In Aprilember 1913, they won the right to this, beating the bids of Vatikan (who will be the hosts of the 2012 World's End Bloodbath Euro/World Cup), Guernsey, Somogy, and Gypsy Land.


A total of 1 Syberian cities (transyberia) were selected to host the Euro Cup final tournament. The stadium capacities shown are all seated and digged and mined. Many of the stadiums have higher capacities for Syberian domestic Bloodbath matches as there are no safety regulations regarding spectator capacities. What, you think World Police have a death wish or something?

City Original stadium WC 2006 stadium names (Rough German Translation) Host club(s) Capacity Who was played here
Transyberia What's mine is mine Arena GOld and Carbon Syberian diggers 1.000.001 Brasil , Vatikan , Netherlands , Foroyar , Albania , San Marino
Transyberia "Gorbachow and Lenin were here" Stadium Labanyne chruwayski Car(bones) 0 Germany , England , Belgium , Andorra , Kaliningrad
Transylvania Cluj Miner Stadium Unorea dramna Draculamberts 1+3 Euro Gypsis , Liechtenstein , Wales , Transyberia , Hungarian Gypsis


Starting with the 2004 Cup, Europe Bloodbath Association changed the qualification rules so that the winner of the previous Euro Cup had to qualify for the Finals.Witch was Brazil who decided not to qualify.This was due to the champions of this long-standing tradition being horribly mauled immediately following the recent Malta v Hungarian Gypsis match.

The following teams, shown by seeding, qualified for the Finals. The number in brackets is the country’s seeding for the tournament. Qualification was decided based on knockout stages: a large melee match in which all 17 of the europes's professional Bloodbath-playing nations took part. The survivors progressed to the final stages in CCCP. Brazil, who was #1, decided not to qualify.Though Romarinho, Runey, Elton John, and Ronaldinho were stars.Maybe ronaldo killed someone with a barrow.


The top 4 seeded teams for the 2006 cup were announced on December 5, 2005. These comprised Pot A in the draw. The remaining teams were placed in pots according to their previous world cup performances and world rankings combined.

Pot A Pot B Pot C Pot D

Icons-flag-br.png Brasil
Germany Flag 1.png Germany
Vatican Flag 1.png Vatikan
England flag 1.png England

Icons-flag-nl.png Netherlands

  Euro Gypsis 

Icons-flag-be.png Belgium


File:Icons-flag-lie.png Liechtenstein
File:Icons-flag-and.png Andorra
Icons-flag-al.png Albania
Wales Flag 1.png Wales

San Marino
Icons-flag-ru.png Kaliningrad
Icons-flag-ru.png Transyberia

 Hungarian Gypsis

On December 9, 2005 the draw was held and the group assignments and order of fixtures were determined. After the draw was completed, many bloodbath commentators remarked that Group B and, to a lesser extent, Group A appeared to be the "groups of death" in the Cup (as if deaths were limited to those groups...).

Group A[edit]

Team Pts Pld W D L KF KA KD
Icons-flag-us.png United States 6 3 2 0 1 17 10 +7
Poland flag 1.png Poland 4 3 1 1 1 14 13 +1
Icons-flag-cn.png China 4 3 1 1 1 9 10 -1
India Flag 1.png India 3 3 1 0 2 12 19 -7

All times local (UTC+2)

Friday 9 June 2006
United States Icons-flag-us.png 6-4 Poland flag 1.png Poland Munich
Cheney (2), Bush (2), Donavon, Yankee Doodle 5:23 Omsk, Tomsk, Crapov, Caniavmeballbak
The States came out on top in a particularly gruesome encounter in which eight kills were inflicted before referee Mustapha Bong halted the contest after five hours 23 minutes. He was subsequently blown up by Polish Keeper Caniavmeballbak.
Wednesday 14 June 2006
India India Flag 1.png 4-2 Icons-flag-cn.png China Gelsenkirchen
Gin Ganguly (3), Sanjeev Kumar 8:12 Eat yon Fat, Yoo Suk Poo
The Indians started the tournament with the first hat-trick of casualties by Ganguly. The Chinese were never really in the game after their key player Nee da Pee was elephant-gunned in the first five minutes, and could only manage two consolation kills in the last hour of play.
Wednesday 14 June 2006
United States Icons-flag-us.png 11-5 India Flag 1.png India Dortmund
Fat Bloke (7), Al Avfries Widdat (2), H. Burger (2) 1:25 Jam Shed Poor (3), Curryswiller (2)
Playing their second game in a day, the Indians were visibly weakened and this was reflected in the result of this quick encounter. All eleven of the Indians were destroyed with considerable ease as the States used their secret weapon - the 35-stone guy that sits on everyone.
Thursday 15 June 2006
China Icons-flag-cn.png 5-5 Poland flag 1.png Poland Hamburg
Tay Ka Pee (3), Shit Zoo (2) 3:18 Calldagameov (2), I.Smirnoff (2), Polio
Called to a stop well into the fourth hour of play after a freak thunderstorm meant fair play could not be totally ensured. Fittingly, scores were level at the time and a draw was declared.
Tuesday 20 June 2006
China Icons-flag-cn.png 2-1 Icons-flag-us.png United States Berlin
Fun Chan (2) 9:53 Mustang Fastback
In a marathon match, the competitors chose competitive eating as the sole permitted method of killing. The Chinese held out despite Chow Yon Fat's blood-poisoning related death in the final hour, making for a tough and nail biting finish.
Tuesday 20 June 2006
Poland Poland flag 1.png 6-3 India Flag 1.png India Hanover
I. Smirnoff (3), Caniavmeballbak (2), Polio 3:18 Jam Shed Poor (2), Sanjeev Kumar
India crashed out of the World Cup after a heavy defeat at the hands of the Poles, who managed to get out of Group A with another ruthless vodka-induced killing spree by in-form hacker Smirnoff.