2008-2009 Writers Guild of America Strike

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The Writers Guild of America once again on strike, dashing our hopes and dreams of seeing new episodes of That 70s Show any time soon.
These two children, now no longer obligated to watch television, are now free to play outside in the streets. Their mother is still inside watching a reality show.
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“We changed our minds and are not satisfied with the terms of our agreement. Therefore, we have no choice but to go back on strike.”

~ Jeffrey Zucker, Sr., head of WGAW

“Get me some of that internet money.”

~ Writer on making money during the strike

The 2008-2009 Writers Guild Strike is a follow-up strike to the 2007-2008 Writers Guild Strike. After initially coming to a common agreement with the big television and movie studio company, the WGA realized their true power and felt they could probably get even more money out of the deal. Therefore, they have started a new strike, which they say will not end until some time in 2009.


One of the leaders of the original 2007-2008 strike, Barack Obama, realized shortly after the initial strike ended that Americans were weak from lack of TV. After just getting their shows back for a short time and realizing how great it was to plop down on their couch and watch American Dad for a few hours, they would be more susceptible to caving into more demanding demands.

New Demands[edit]

The Writers Guild of America is now demanding the following before returning to work:

☭A 42% increase in DVD royalties
☭A paycheck at the end of every month
☭Casual Fridays every Friday and Sunday
☭Freedom from sexual harassment charges
☭The right to end every sentence with "desu"
☭To have their Green Cards automatically renewed
☭Another subsequent 42% increase in DVD royalties
☭A free Wii for strikers who cannot afford one themselves

Response from General Public[edit]

Most Americans received the news of the strike surprisingly positively, much to the chagrin disappointment of the strikers. One mother has been quoted as saying, "Now that we don't have to watch TV anymore, we can finally go outside and get some fresh air!" A six-year-old child, who normally sits inside all day and watches MTV, recently stated, "Yay! Now I can ride my bike!"

Expected Date of New Strike's End[edit]

The new strike is scheduled to end some time in mid- to late-2009. By then, the writers should probably have some ideas for shows and movies that are actually good.

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