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Those obsessed with so-called experts should thank their lucky stars that Wikipedia does not have an article about 2042.

All sorts of fun stuff happens in 2042. For example, Douglas Adams is resurrected, Jesus style, and explains the ultimate question AND answer for Life, the Universe, and Everything. Sadly, he does this on UPN, which no longer exists. Other than this, the only notable event is that on December 31st, everyone will realize that not only had no one been born this year, but no one had died, either. In fact, NOTHING happens this year. It will be known as THE YEAR OF LIMBO, and it's nothingness will be widely attributed to Father Time becoming addicted to Morrowind and doing nothing but playing it for a whole year.

He will have yet to beat it by another millinium or so, so we're lucky that Santa Clause takes over for a while.