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The year that was made famous by that one song... what was its name? Oh well, I'm sure someone knows what song I'm talking about. Anyway, this year is quite possibly the greatest year in humans' existence. This year, contrary to popular belief was in the BC time period. And, even more bizarre, it occurred after 2113 BC and before 2111 BC.

Notable Relations With Other Years[edit]

Around the year 1976, the great computers at the Temples of Syrinx noticed a distinct relation to another 4-digit year, 5150. These two years are symbolic to what Rolling Stone Magazine (see also Ingnorance) a highpoint of musical creativeness, from both the Solar Federation (Rush) and the group Van Halen, more commonly known as the Ice Cream Men. Yet while the Solar Federation deviated from the norm, The Ice Cream Men would conform and later be cast out, (Well, only two were technicaly).

Notable Events[edit]

  • Russia takes control of everyone, and calls themselves the Solar Federation. The Americans run away like the pussies they are.
  • Porn was first invented. The first porn cave painting was between a beaver and a wombat. It didn't sell very well.
  • Old Pieland won the Great Pie War against the penguins, but was destroyed by the penguin's Zigs. a New Pieland was founded.
  • The band, The Band, was given an award for having a stupid name, and each member was summarily shot to death.
  • The Elder Race returned to our planets.
  • The year Geddy Lee's voice finally broke.
  • After being lost at sea for several years, Al Gore finally discovered the internet.
  • Geddy went bald.
  • The Great Pork Plague of Some Circumstance swept all of Agpaganiople, killing several thousand persons helplessly devoted to pork. Consequently, this caused a shortage of cauliflower, as Agpaganioplian held both the black market and the world market by the proverbial "balls" in terms of cauliflower production power (CPP), which single-handedly extinguished the terrorist threat. Because everyone knows that terrorists can't survive without cauliflower.
  • In this year, CATS had no chance to survive make your time. It was great justice.
  • Phil Collins saw something in the air that night.
  • Wikipedia ends, but then after a small hiatus starts again under the pseudonym "Uncyclopaedia"
  • The meek inherited the earth.
  • Brawndo (the Thirst Mutilator) created.

Related years[edit]

  • 1927
  • 1838-1854 U 1903-1915
  • Last Year
  • -541 AD
  • 2101
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