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One of the unmistakable signs of evil.

Mathmatical Proof[edit]

Given: The sign of the beast is 666

Given: Money is the root of all evil

Question: What is the square root of all evil?

 Root of all Evil = $$$

Relationship to 9/11[edit]



Why you should be afraid.[edit]

Many people you know are in constant contact with may be 25.807 years old. These people, until they get older, are usually terrorists. This can be proven by looking at the obvious mathematical proof shown above. In order to protect yourself against terrorists, be sure to ask everyone you know their exact age. If one person is, indeed, 25.807 years old, do not talk to them until they grow out of their horrible terrorist activities. Terrorists have many activities, and most of them need to be stopped. Breathing, for instance, is one of a terrorist's favorite activities. If a terrorist breathes too much, their bodies begin rapidly growing a bomb on their chests and then detonates whenever they're in a large group of people. If you see one of these 25.807 year old terrorists breathing, make them stop breathing by any means possible.

What you can do to help.[edit]

Our congressmen and elected officials have the power to stop these 25.807 year old terrorists. Everyone must send a letter to their respective congressman or mayor detailing the problem at hand. If necessary, include the address of this article, so that they can do further research into this very important issue. If we don't use our powers of freedom, letter writing, and democracy, then the terrorists have already won. Don't let the terrorists win.