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“Do not discriminate against us who doesn't have two...”

~ Jens Ivar

Big Brother

“Where the fuck did you hide in the 1940's?”

~ Adolf Hitler on Jens Ivar


“ It is the number after 1 (number).”

Plural form of 1, although 2 can be as bad as 1 (it's the loneliest number since the number 1). The uppercase form is @, except in Rest Of World where it is "

“Two's a crowd, man!”

It's just this number, you know?

The official slogan of 2 is "This time, it's not 1".

2 is the only even prime number, which makes it quite odd.

2 is Seda. Seda is best. Therefore, 2 is best.

2+2 approaches infinity for very large values of 2.

2 is also the eventual destroyer of Civilization and Justice as we know it, as according to Oscar Wilde.

2 is the number of cows that you have. (You have two cows)

2 is the girl/boy your bf/gf is holding hands with when you're with number 3, making you number 10987087 in his/her visitor's list.

2 is the minimum number of gods you need for polytheism. Alexander Shulgin has even invented a whole drug family called 2C just to honor the number 2.

Gołębiowski's recursive formula for 2[edit]

This formula allows you to compute 2 with given precision. It also looks like a Triforce turned upside-down. You may also notice that it each triangle of the triforce is also made up of triforces. Thus, it's a fractured triforce.

Compare with half.

This formula is known for being very obstinate and conservative. For example substituting 2 with 3 or 654 doesn't affect the result:

Heck, it even works with the integer DeLorean, and the imaginary number Aerosmith. Unfortunately, there is already a proof for 1+1=3 2 got kicked out of the number line, put itself to the period instead.



Alternate Meanings[edit]

  • too, meaning "also".
  • to, meaning "for".
  • teu, meaning "Janeane Garofolo".
  • tew, meaning "Nothing, because I just made it up".
  • tau, meaning "um, its a physics particle thing, very small[/ignornce]"
  • Tew, just rhymes with fucking Yew!!!" Peace Bro

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