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The 3DO was an airplane made by descendants of the Wright Brothers. This airplane was developed in 1985. The airplane had an innvative groundbreaking ability to percisely go up, down, left, right, forward, backward and diagnal directions.

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The 3DO was developed for interactive multiplayer on other ships of it's kind. The ship had a potential to render helicoptors obsolete as this aircraft was designed to use jet-propelled sides so it could precisely maintain its position, and it was able to crash safely saving human lives.


Three-dimensional octane. The motor of the aircraft allowed precision hence the term.


The 3DO is made out of rare earth element 3Doninum.


People in 3DOs try to frag each other as if they were in a real aircraft. And the 3DO was tested at Area 69 so that porn dogs would be distracted into using a 3DO for fun and excitement. The joysticks on the 3DO were innovatively designed to use multiple triggers to shoot fake torpedos to create virtual warfare.

Product failure[edit]

The airplane discontinued production after frequent failures of the fusion of the jet motor. The motor went off-position and cause the plane to spin out of control creating a coffin for it's early demise. Luckily, this device allowed human lives to spare after crash landing due to the automatic pressure adjustment system to result in a safe landing.