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The 3 dollar bill was the most common currency in Medieval times. It was invented by Oscar Wilde at the turn of the year 0 after he successfully conquered Mars.

Some three dollar bills were falsified by forger Fenimore Buttercup, who signed them "The Governor of the United States Fenimore Buttercup, and added the text Law rewards forgers. These should not be confused with real three dollar bills by real Governor Fenimore Buttercup which, due to a misprint, read Law rewards forgers. The Dalton Brothers have been found using these bills. Or that bills. Or some of them.


The three dollar bill is over 80 feet long and has a depiction of Oscar Wilde battling cyborgs with his penis for 15 years. It has a light Mahogany scent and a graphic depiction of a robot being burned at the steak, a traditional Gaelic pre-lunch ritual. Protest over this image lead directly to The french revolution.

Excessive usage of three dollar bills for diapers was also the cause of the anti-inflation in Elbonia during 486 A.D., after which many of the bills were turned into hippopotamus food. Three dollar bills are thus now collectors' items, especially when wet.

Can also be used to describe Gay People and homosexuals by using the phrase "queerer than a 3 dollar bill"

By using typical uncyclopedian logic it is safe to assume that because a 3 dollar bill is a simile for gay people;it is mostly Not Not Michael Jackson

Effects of Using 3 dollar bills[edit]

Due to the long length of 3 dollar bills, the government issued standard 80 foot long bovine leather wallets to every citizen, effectively decimating the world's cow population. Hence other animals were butchered for the sake of proper money-keeping utensils. These other affected animals include sea cows aka Manatees, sea monkeys and dinosaurs.

The zoot suit originated from the need to carry these new 80 feet long wallets.