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The number 4 was born shortly after 3 and before 5. The number 4 goes in many guises, including but not limited to: 4, IV, four, and vier. According to 4 itself, the number 4 prefers its German name "vier" over its other names because it sounds like the English "fear." Little else is known about 4, except that it is purported to have a membership in the NRA and be a major consumer of outdoor recreation goods.

The Number 4 in Popular Culture[edit]

Golf chose "fore" rather than "four" only because a transcription error.

In Arabic, the number 4 is written "4." In 2007, this was seriously considered as a jumping off point for winning hearts in Afghanistan until a senator noted that winning hearts is not the goal of the game "Hearts."

The popular TV show 24 hired both 20 and 4 to stand in as stunt doubles for 24, who played himself.

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