40 fun things to do at Best Buy

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Here is a list of fun things you can do at Best Buy. Most will get you kicked out (but not if you don't get caught!!!!) Go ahead. I DARE YA, BITCH.

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  1. When an employee approaches you to ask if you need help finding anything as if you're freakin' four or something, speak extremely broken English in third person with a low voice, except when you're saying what you need, which you should say perfectly and in your normal voice. *Tip: make the thing you need very technical-sounding.* (i.e. "Hey, need help finding anything today?" "Ya, [your name] reeeely, reeely needzerz aerh bahnd nay-ewgeegoo HP Pavilion Laptop Computer witna ahbai Intel Dual-Core Processor. Undu makey itz cumpooortibuhb wiba Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition unsdper Microsoft Windows Vista Beta dooopoabgz *snorrt*.). It's great.
  2. Go to one of the laptops, but make sure NO ONE is within earshot of you. Either that, or make sure it's very loud in the store. Anyway, crash the computer. Make a huge fist, and just slam it on the keyboard. The screen will go black. Mission accomplished.
  3. Steal
  4. Find an employee and pretend your name is the same as theirs (it'll be on the name tag) and then say that they stole your name, before proceeding to beat the fuzz out of them. Just go nuts. Hold nothing back.
  5. Walk around asking people if they need help finding something.
  6. Ask one of the employees if they need help finding something.
  7. Find a video game, CD, or DVD with a cover that has something with its mouth open, grab it, and scream "STOP YELLING AT ME!"
  8. Turn off any of that Norton shit and download some viruses.
  9. Use the camera to look at random people, judging them. (i.e. "Too tall. Nope, too fat. Too short."
  10. Put CDs in the wrong genre.
  11. Give people the stink eye.
  12. Grab CDs and movies with dead people in the band or the movie (i.e. Sublime CDs, Nirvana CDs, Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course) and laugh while saying "Haha! You're dead!"
  13. Grab a Napalm Death CD and put it into one of the stereos.
  14. Turn every stereo in store to a different station with different genres of music, then turn the volume up.
  15. While someone's playing a game, sneak up behind them and say, "God, so I'm NOT the worst!". Walk away as needed.
  16. At the front of the store there should be a guy greeting everybody. When he says hi to you, hold your ear and say "What?!"
  17. Go online and look for some You-Gay-Hoe videos. Download some movie, and right when the guy gets to "It's time to ddd..." pause it at the D then replay it. Try putting something heavy on the needed keys.
  18. Lay down in one of the aisles.
  19. Go to the laptop section, pick an expensive-looking one out. Change every folder name on the desktop to "J.J. Crizzels iz watchin' u". Then, open up Microsoft Word (or rather, J.J. Crizzels iz watchin u), and type "Iff youze iz reedin thiz, meez iz dead." and save it on the desktop as "CHECK THIS OUT"
  20. When the guy says "Welcome to Best Buy", stick your nose up high and give a loud "HMPH".
  21. Go to one of the computers and open up a porn site, then run away fashionably.
  22. Turn all the game boxes upside-down...
  23. ...or just knock them all onto the floor.
  24. Look for some plugged in display speakers/subwoofer and change it to a METAL channel that has lots of bass.
  25. Bang on a synthesizer keyboard.
  26. Open an oven's door and don't close it.
  27. Hide in a fridge or washer, and when someone opens it say "Spagette".
  28. Stuff as many CDs as you can into a computer and then close it.
  29. Turn an Xbox360 onto its side. With a disc in it.
  30. Use one of the cameras to check out some lady's boobs and say "Wow, those are HUGE".
  31. Use a karaoke machine to plug it into the intercom and yell "FUCKERZ!! HAW HAW PWNZ!! ROFL I PWND YOU LOOOOOL"
  32. Act like an old guy and scream "WHAT IS THIS NEWFANGLED TECHNOGLY!?!"
  33. Type on Microsoft Word "Don't read this. Wait, you already did. A L337 Hx0r WEEL Hx UR COMP! LOL"
  34. While someone's playing a game, sneak up behind them and make a farting sound.
  35. At the front of the store there should be a huge TV for display. Sneak up near it, and yank one of the cords so it goes crashing down.
  36. Put GameCube games in the PlayStation section and put Playstation games in the Xbox section.
  37. Open up Microsoft Poop and type in the words "LOOOOOOOOOL TRAIN RECOGNITION" in a really snazzy font, display it on the screen in full-screen mode, ans save it 666 times on the hard-drive.
  38. Open up a CD drive and smash the tray.
  39. Ask an employee for help in the deli.
  40. Bring a CD with Screamy Music, put it in an expensive stero, play it, and turn it up LOUD.
  41. Have sex in a crowed section. Be sure to be as loud as possible.

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