4th Grade

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The fourth grade, commonly known as the year of despair, was easily passed by J.F.K. in 1872 due to his massive knowledge. It was then deemed obsolete and is now only attended by children, and the occasional hideous horned manbeast, so desperate for knowledge it will sacrifice its immortal soul in the pursuit of it.

As experience by children, the fourth grade was immortalized in the classic text, "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing." It's writer, Judy Blume, took the content of a bottle marked "Drink Me" to make herself very small and was able to burrow deep into the heart of the fourth grade experience and report on the horrors within. Similar to Sinclair's "The Jungle," Blume's epic tome marked the beginning of the end of acceptance for this practice of sending children to the fourth grade, and many now drop out in droves to do home-schooling.