666th Circle of Hell

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The 666th circle of hell is the IB. Short for the International Baccalaureate program, it is embarked upon (stupidly) BY POOR UNSUSPECTING HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS. It is the stupidest thing a smart person can do. It makes you want to cry. Constantly.

If undertaking the Ib you will need: 1. caffeine 2. intra-veinous drip for caffeine 3. paracetamol 4. lots and lots of the will to live 5. idiocy 6. no social life 7. no intentions of ever reaching university 8. a masochistic personality 9. a very optimistic attitude 10. illegal drugs, alcohol or prozac.

You will also need to develop your own panic techniques. The commonly used 'panic scale' is as follows: 1. the head-in-your-hands. (this is a suitable coping technique for the average TOK lessons. also useful - sleeping.) 2. the panic stricken shriek 3. the even more panic stricken shreik (higher in pitch and louder.) 4. the high pitched, blood curdling scream put aside for very very bad situations e.g. when thinking about the extended essay. 5. all of the above + uncontrollable wimpering/crying

If you have never done the IB then you cannot have an opinion on the matter. [Even if you are an IB co-ordinator, as your evil tendencies are common knowledge, and we at uncyclopedia suspect that you enjoy the pain you horrble horrible people put us through.]