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Living incarnation of number sex.

“If it was 9 I wouldn't mind.”

~ Jimi Hendrix on The Number 6

“I've yet to feel the wrath of 6”

~ Tyler on 6

“Be seeing you”

“Oh, joyous times,

merry and gay, when sex was still six

in Igpay Atinlay.”
~ Anon on Number 6

“You are Number 6.”

~ Number 2 on Number 6

“I am not a number, I am a free man!”

~ Number 6 on Number 2


~ 6 on 2's Equasion

“In Soviet Russia, counts to YOU!!!”

~ Stalin and pals' on the number 6

“I had sex with her”

~ Dr. Gaius Baltar on Number 6

? That's my number!”

~ NASCAR's Mark Martin on free samples of Viagra

(uppercase: ^) is a real-live Arabic cardinal numerical integer, the successor to 5 and predecessor to the suspicious 7. It is a real subset of the set of all elements that come between the number infinitely far away from 5.00 and the number infinitely far away from 7.00 in opposite directions, and vice versa. Ordinally, it comes after the fifth number in the sequence of the numbers, and is before the seventh of the same. It was invented during the reign of Emperor Constantine when, during his battle against the Gauls, he realised that he had no Legion between his Fifth and Seventh Legions and needed something to fill the gap.

In mathematics, the number constitutes a number of the base 10 regiment, or a decimal number, and may be more accurately denoted by the symbols 6.00. 6 is an even number, as opposed to an odd number, and can be created as the product of a 2 and a 3. Due to the phenomenon of reverse truncation, 2+2 approximately equals 6 for very large values of 2. In addition, is a perfect number, which makes the other numbers feel inferior. At one point 28 tried to date it, but got arrested for minor solicitation.

In finance, is a small amount of currency, and may buy you a small paperback mathematical dictionary in some nations, whilst in others it will barely pay for a financial newspaper. The concept of having less money would be constituted in this situation by having 5.99 of your currency, and the concept of having more money would be constituted by having 6.01.

In literature, is a page on which words are written. As an example, if you were reading the fifth page of the book (page five, that is), then the next page would be called page six (or the sixth page), and vice versa.

In cookery, is a measure of how much of a particular ingredient you include in a dish, and its precise value is determined by the units that are used to suffix the said 6.

In computing, is a key on a keyboard, usually denoted by the '6' symbol, and appearing in all twice on a standard keyboard, once in a horizontal fashion above the letters of the alphabet, in juxtaposition with the numbers 5 and 7; and once on the so-called 'number pad' on the far right of the unit, where it features on the right-hand side, to the right of the button marked '5', below the button marked '9', above that marked '3', and with borders to '8' and '2' also. The former occurrence of 6 wears a hat on standard US keyboards.

In time, [o'clock] is the time that is one second after 5:59:59, and one second before 6:00:01. This time may be in the morning, or it may be in the evening, but at both times you are likely to find human beings awake.

In describing human directed animal attacks, a homonym of is used as in: "Joe sics his dog on the hapless home invader.".

In medical terminology, is used to describe relative malady as in: "I'm sick's a dog.".

In the calendar, is the day that comes after the 5th day of each month, and comes before the 7th of the same month.

Six has been used for counting pies and as a funny yoofemism for the word sex. In fact, Germans, Australians, and The Irish prononce the number like "sex," and is therefore a never ending source of stupid jokes.

Perhaps 's most important role is to identify the th man in a totalitarian regime. This works because the man in charge is number 2, the man who runs the books is number 7, the man who commands the military is number 22 and so on. Number six is used to classify the man who likes his suits dry cleaned and badge free.

In base 6, the number is written "10."

On the other hand, in base 5 the number is written "11." This is rather odd since is not an odd number, while 11 is.

A common urban legend tells that is afraid of 7 because "7 8 9". Recent forensic discoveries indicate that 9 probably died of natural causes, and 's fear of 7 may have stemmed from other causes, such as domestic violence.

If you put upside down (like this: 9) you may nail it to the wall, and you may hang your jacket on it.

It is common knowledge that the number 6 has a rational fear of 7, due to the fact that seven ate nine. The Supreme court of letters judged that 6 and 7 were indeed inseparable, despite many attempts by 6 to flip over, and disguise himself as the letter 9.