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Lucky for some!

“Count to seven, Tamia, (if you can)”

7 is also the number that shall take over the world in the year 2017. Everyword shall be made to be changed to 7 letters including the word seven which will be renamed Sevehnn. The prophecy reads that the leader of this dictatorship shall be one Philosopholis Thompson. Already a prophet of the number 7 in his small town slowly spreading the word. 10 minus 3 equals 7 yes? Yes it does this cannot be a coincidence it is a sign of the prophecy.

After the number 9 Tom Nulley-Valdez is the evil enemy of the seven and is rumoured to be a homosexual transvestite. The traitor must be removed from the earth, the seven shall begin a new holocaust.

Seven (7) is a number whose value is roughly equal to the sound of one hand clapping. It is also a letter which, when capitalized, is &. The numerical seven is pronounced somewhat like the letter "T" except that one must slightly spit whilst saying it.

Just by chance, 7 is also equal to infinity, the largest number. (16 being the second largest)

Mis-use of 7 results in your girlfriend's head in a UPS parcel.

Contrary to popular belief among anti-semitic bastards, 7 has now been conclusively proven to be bigger 3.

You can die in 7 days, that you may in fact live at Seven Doyle place and the fact that women's rights in Australia were obtained in 7 days.

7 is believed to be responsible for the cannabalistic murder of 9.

7 is believed to have a connection to the Borg. This may be the reason that it ate 9.

7 may also be an ancient and mysterious type of Mad Ninja Skill.

7 was seen to have joined up in a partnership with 11 to form the 7/11 convenience store franchise

7 was a recently discovered gender, used in most aim chats such as horny, cyber, love, and chat1. You may find that some people may have an A/S/L (age, sex, location) of 19 7 Ohio.

7 is a color. (A moderate shade of Orange to be exact, or sometimes Purple) NOT PINK.

7 is a number of seconds in heaven.

7 tastes like Bavarian pancakes in August.

The people of Australian honored 7 by naming a TV channel after it; Channel 7

7 is the one true God unlike the lying Catholics

7 is also used to describe extremely large human objects that consume everything along their path. One of them is located in Cyprus. It can be seen as a moving landmark in google earth. They are believed to contain all kinds of living organisms within them, on them and around them. Especially the huge diversity of bacteria,viruses and fungi found on their feet and armpits as well as within their asshole.

7 combined with up makes a tasty lemon lime soft drink for some apparent reason

If you enjoy 7, you may also enjoy the numbers 6 and 8, but never 5...unless 5 has already enjoyed you. Sicko.

In maths, 7 has long been revered by number theorists as being the smallest integer greater than 6. In fact, Hooke's theorem says it is the only integer with this property. Plus, 7 in Japanese is SHITTY!

7 is a mythical creature rumored to live within Indiana. Scietist hypothesis that a 7 is created from feamle and male parts and some sort of ass like burgers. When comfronting a 7 try talkign in a high pitched voice so as it can understand. Some of the vocabulary words needed to know to understand a 7 are as follows: OH MY GOD, suck a cock, gay noises imitating monkeys having butt sex with cows in which are so fat they can not do anything. Also note that when approaching a 7 do not startling the beast or a large trampoline will spontanisly appear and the creator will jump onto the ceiling and try to understand the complicated Pre-Algerbra it is learning. 7 is startled by a slight smell of shampoo and will scream in high pitched voices if seeing any or getting any near its hair. When givin a complicated task the 7 will say "this is so hard" and be prompted with "thats what she said."