The Year Without a President

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The Year Without a President took place in 846. The year marked the first dark age of America, as there lacked a President, and due to this the country was thrown into utter turmoil.

In 845, President Nicole Ritchie was impeached after a scandalous case of weight loss. The Decepticon Party, for which she hailed, was too ashamed to bring up a new candidate. This left the Predacon Party in an interesting position, and one that it failed to act on. Political infighting prevented them from choosing someone for President, as they had been out of power for centuries.

Soon, a restoration movement was created, led by the resurrected Independent Party. This time, they based the platform of the flip of a coin. Being the only Candidate, Independent Sentient Coin became President in 847.

Preceded by:
Nicole Ritchie
Office laid Vacant
846 AD
Succeeded by:
Sentient Coin