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A poorly drawn gif representation of the sacred symbol.



('At 'siks se-v&n 'fIv 'thrE (')O 'nIEIn)


867-530ni-iine as a number is distinct both in spirit and function to the simple expression 867-5309. The owner of this phone number is unique both in having a 13-digit phone number, but also in that they have a completely unusable number, since there's really no way to dial a "-".

As a symbol, its importance is nearly unmatched. 867-530ni-iine has been appreciated by various scholars throughout history as being the single most vocalized mantra in history. The owner of the number feeds from it like a tapeworm from an intestine, gaining both popularity and what is commonly referred to as "boogey". The current owner is Condoleeza Rice. It is at the same level of power as the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, The ablility to kick twice as many ass using only half as many names and the Spear of Destiny.


Since the 2nd century, begining with Jerus, Grandson of Jeebus of the Masons, the masonic high and reknowned ninja has bestowed the number upon the person with the greatest perspicasity and rectitude on earth. The sheer power and majesty of those who have held the number can be shown in the following list: