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As of told..you want to learn an attack that has the speed of 50 mph? Well then...the 8 triagrams 64 palms is for you!

Results (By User:Kingsean96)[edit]

This attack so awesome..it can Grope a little girl 64 times in 15 seconds! Sadly it can only work on people who are stupid (or your neighbors cat if you need it to) enough to make you do this attack. Combined with the byakugan (or the Force), the 8 triagrams 64 palms can increase in a number of times you grope someone...

  1. 32 palms (15 secs)
  2. 64 palms (15 secs)
  3. 128 palms (15 secs)
  4. 256 palms (15 secs)
  5. 512 palms (15 secs)
  6. 1024 palms (15.1 secs!)
  7. 2048 palms (honestly, they're too fast)

I would say that 8 trigrams 64 palms is an interesting and quite efficient attack. Of course, as stated, it only works against stupid people so... yeah your pretty much set!

History of 8 triagrams 64 palms ((By User:Shazzam[edit]

8 triagrams began long ago, in a galaxy far far away, when the Clone Wars ended, the Force became bored of all the wars and decided that it had enough of "prophecies" "chosen ones" and "free speech". To this end, it created the 8 triagrams, the perfect manifestation of the anger of a non-existent gas-like, power source. 8 triagrams wandered the universe, until they stumbled upon the shooting ground of Battlestar Galactica, in which hey met a man who had 64 hands. Preforming the sacred act of murder, the 64 palms and 8 triagrams were formed together to create... the 8 palms 64 triagrams! (Later due to a contract, the name was reverted to todays current name)

Section on Groping (Created by User:Shazzam)[edit]

Groping, as stated earlier, is an important part of the 64 palms attack. Groping, by its nature, is the ancient latin word for "idiots" and is an important part of the natural order. In order to grope, please follow the listed instructions. If you are to drunk or stupid to read the instructions, skip to this link

A master groper

If you were too drunk to read the previous sentence, you may continue.

Groping Basic Version:

1. Go up to a person.

2. If they are a man, skip to step 4, if they are a girl go to step 5.

C. Hey, no one said to go to this step!

4. Please go to step 5.

4+1. Slap the fool.

3x2. Laugh madly

G. Celebrate by inviting some friends to watch you replay the event.

XIII. Replay the event, using them as the groped victim.

9. Whoops, you should have skipped step 8.

5+1-6+2x10-1+1x1-10.Flee to Mexico and stay for: A.2 weeks, B:1 year, C.Forever, you forgot your passport dummy.

Groping Poor Mans Version Important, read instructions in ORDER!

1.Spend all of your money on a lavish gift

2.Give it to that person

3-2+1-2+3.Invite that guy to an expensive resturaunt

IX:Ask them what grope means

5x1:If they don't know, use this link

2+4:Grope that person once you figure out what it means (Or if drunk enough grope them directly)

A victim of groping (Or he met the Hyugaas?)

7:Skip steps 1-5 in the process

IMPORTANT NEW NOTICE:You shouldn't have payed attention to old notice No Refunds allowed

Now pay 12 bucks for using guide... No really

Insert money here Slot 1 or here Slot 2

Ok, what that had to do with 8 trigrams 64 palms I'll never know.

How To Preform The 8 Triagrams 64 Palms (By User:Kingsean96)[edit]

Gaara: You failed Naruto: Oh rly? Gaara: Ya rly.

Ok...If you want to learn how to do the 8 Triagrams (2,4,8,16,32,64.etc.) Palms, Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Read the groping section.
  2. Go into a big room.
  3. Draw a yin yang symbol on the ground(with glow in the dark stuff)(a really big Yin Yang).
  4. Draw 2 circles around the yin yang.
  5. Create random symbols inside the gap between the 2 circles.
  6. Turn the lights to really dim.
  7. Get a few lamps and put them around the circle for cool lighting (or if you're just a baby and you're afraid of the dark).
  8. Stand in the circle (middle).
  9. Act like rock lee.
  10. Get really drunk.
  11. Repeat step 12.
  12. Don't do step 11...repeat step 10 and go to step 13.
  13. Get a powerful fan.
  14. Let the fan shred your hands.
  15. Turn on the fan (act as if concentrating).
  16. If you're actually doing it then you have failed.
  17. If you successfully preformed the attack, you have failed.
  18. If you didn't fail, congratulations, you failed the attack and need a hook hand!

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Ultimate Power (By neither of us)[edit]

Is not found in this article at all.

In conclusion (By Bunnies)[edit]

And so, in conclusion, Eight trigrams Sixty-Four palms is about two things. One, being very drunk, and two, Ultimate Power (See above). remember what you have learned, as groping is... groping... which is... (See this link]. So what have you learned today? That 30 minutes of your life is easily wasted!

This message is suported by the Hokage and Kazekage of France (Kingsean96 and Bunnies... wait we mean Shazzam)!