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99775 is an article rejected by Wikipedia.

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Because of their incurable biases, the so-called experts at Wikipedia will probably never have an article about 99775. We are sorry they insist on being this lame.

Early Life[edit]

99775 was born of a dream to expand the vast "knowledge" of Wikipedia such that anybody who sought meaningless statistical knowledge could find it. It had a relatively peaceful childhood but was savagely attacked on it's one week birthday.

Military Importance[edit]

The Zip Code 99775 is the location of one of many secert (but due to gossip and heavy drinking) not so secret bases for the war against Wikipedia. Here at UAF (University of Alaska's Funland) scientists are developing new vandalism and editing techniques to weaken the structure of the oppresive Wiki regime.

The Controversy[edit]

This article was labeled "not notable" by the nazis of Wikipedia. This is perhaps because 99775 was not an article pertaining to Star Wars, rejected X-Men characters, unexplained itching, or LAN Parties. The overweight pawns of Wikipedia creator Jimbo Wales started their attack with the usual broad and baseless accusations that because 99775 was neither white nor nerdy, it was not people. This was met with outrage by others who have been wrongly auppressed by the iron fist of nerd screening, but this outrage was quickly crushed when the fascist powers of the "central council" pulled out their secret weapon: Ignoring logic and repeating the same, baseless argument over and over again.

The controversy finally ended when, nearly two weeks after its conception, Wikipedia aborted the 99775 fetus by scrambling its brains with the Iron Hook of Wikipedia Doom, used on other rejected Wiki articles such as hygiene, and those criticizing Dungeons and Dragons. 99775 remains on the Wiki blacklist to this day and one day hopes to return to triumph after the October Revolution (scheduled for October) dethrones Jimbo Wales from his seat of power in the nerd kingdom.

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