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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Revolution Number 9?
9 was hot and waiting just for you!

“Ha! I got nine lives. I love the number nine.”

~ A kitten on getting run over and coming back unharmed

“Nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine, nine...”

~ The dog on Nine

An attractively curly digit, 9 liked long walks in the rain, holding hands at sunset, heartfelt conversations, puppy dogs, and cuddling. Equally at home in the country or the city, she'd have been happy to join Mr. Right for a brisk swim in a mountain stream or an exciting shopping trip to 9th Avenue! And when it comes to lovey-time, naughty number nine just loved to be the filling in a 3-way sandwich with 8 and 10. Her turn-ons were multiplication, dividing by 3, and Twizzlers. Her turn-offs were Silent E, negative integers, and fixed decimal places. Her favorite color was purplish-grey.

In 1965, 9 was tragically eaten by 7 in a case of alphabet soup cannibalism. The 9 we see today is an incredibly similar looking Cyrillic letter, but is indeed 0.836mm wider.

The uppercase form of 9 was (.

9 has been mathematically proven to be an even number, despite falling next to two other even numbers.

9 has also been mathematically proven to be far superior to 42

Nine was honoured when an Australian television network was named in their honour, Channel 9

"Prime numbers make me sooooo hot!" ~ "Naughty" Nine

9 is widely considered as the gayest number in western culture.

“Nine what?”

~ Oscar Wilde on Nine