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“I like ABBA. She's so blonde.”

~ Hugh Heffner on ABBA.

“Diarrhea. Here I go again. Why why; did I eat that Curry”

~ ABBA on Indian restaurant

“Chicken Tikka, tell me what's wrong... ”

~ ABBA on British restaurant
Abba during their official reunion in 2132.

ABBA is/was/has been/will be a Swedish death metal band, without the slightest pop-influence, that formed in the late 1960's by the Central Intelligence Agency at Richard Nixon's request. Abba's meteoric rise to prominence remains unparalleled in the anals anuses annals of modern culture. After selling less albums than any recording artist in history, Abba members Bjeard Bjortsson, Bjored Volsung, Antifreeze Lungstart, and Agnpronounceable finally decided to disband last week, after a disagreement about the origin of the word "guava." Abba is actually a rich example of Singaporean cultural influence, as Abba means Papa or Daddy in Singaporeanese.

The name ABBA is also ABBA spelled backwards!

History of abba[edit]

Proof ABBA cannot recognise letters. The name ABBA is also ABBA spelled backwards!

World domination[edit]

Abba unfortunately had to break up four years before they formed the group because they felt that they had never met before and had nothing in common. The group never came to exist and many fans got very upset by the news. Abba was forced to please their aggressive fans and formed a group called "abbA", which was not the same as "Abba" but actually backwarded so that the last letter a came first, the last-to-second letter b came second, the next-to-first letter b came almost in the end of the word and the big A was diminished and put in the end of the name. However this was not a success and Abba started to plan their world domination, which is obligatory for all Swedish music groups. During the Eurovision Song Contest Abba had made up their mind and came up with the cunning song called Waterloo. Their hidden plan was that the repeating of the word "water-closet" in the song, would force all viewers to go and flush their toilets. Bjeard later commented that this was their first step towards controlling Europe and later on, the world.

The break-up[edit]

At the time Dancing Queer reached the US in 1977 and the group was touring in Albania, Abba was attacked by violent supporters of Hello Kitty demanding the death of the new Albanian president Bye Bye Kitty. Under the threat of their records being sold to their fearless leader , Abba had to surrender in 1982. Many conservatives were taken hostage during the war and Abba took refuge to their homeland of Sweden. Agnelahdidah mysteriously disappeared from the known world and was suspected by the US Government to be attending Eurovision ripoff contests in Magical lands. The president of the United Owner of the World's Oil Resources, the UOWOR, George W. Bush dreamt of the legendary blond and when he found out where she was hiding he immediately sent all his military forces to Afghanistan. Agneblah was however never retrieved.

The rest of the group continued their normal lives, but kept contact and held secret meetings during many years. They reputably started a rebel group in Libya to stop the advance of dwarvish oil empires.

The reunion?[edit]

In the beginning of the 21th century Abba were promised one billion American dollars if they would reunite and continue their world domination tour. Abba accepted but fled with the money back to Sweden. It is thought it was George Bush who offered the billion dollars, setting up a trap for Agnwhateversheiscalled. This theory has not yet been accepted by powerful and mighty Abba-scientists. Do not look behind the curtain.

Rumors has it that Abba is preparing for a comeback in the 22nd, but it has not been confirmed. Even so, many fans are waiting for the reunion and some of them has invested their life savings in cryopreserving installations in their homes that will keep them fresh til the time comes. Abba's world domination will come, it is only a matter of time...


Hmmmm........ hubba-hubba!


Among Abba's most popular albums were 1974's Ringy-Ring-Telephone!, 1974's "Whatashoe", 1975's BAABAABAAAAA, 1976's Defection, 1977's Sweden - The Album, 1979's Scroulez Youz, 1980's Commando Tactics, and 1981's The Christensens (Traitors to Michigan). Unfortunately, after the release of their best-of retrospective We've Been Laughing Hysterically At You This Whole Time, all Abba albums were banned in 1996 by the US Government's No Child Behind Left Intact Act, signed into law by then-President Oprah Winfrey. Since then, anyone found in possession of an Abba album has been subject to arrest and several hours of unconstructive criticism.


What ABBA is all about

Perhaps best known for their hit singles Chicken Tikka Flee, Dancing Queer, and Thank You For the Mudslicks, Abba's songs have been staples of adult contemporary radio for many years, a phenomenon that began almost immediately after it was discovered that Abba songs could be used in radio-operated staplers by contemporary adults to fasten several sheets of paper together in a secure fashion. Children attempting to use their songs in this way are generally unsuccessful due to improper licensing. The most popular hit they made, was called Why go straight? with the Danish man Klaus Bondam as special producer. Bondam is now leader of the government of Copenhagen. Many of their songs are performed live by Neil Morgan every Friday night in his living room, while wearing his wife's wedding dress. Note: Britney Spears' song Gimme More was stolen from ABBA's hit song Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!. Another chart topping song was the beautiful "The Winner Takes it Off", which won two grammys, and a giant gummy bear".

Gaps Between Songs[edit]

Over time, Abba's between-song gaps became so much more popular than the songs themselves that they were lengthened to an average of 3.5 minutes each. In 1992, a career between-song retrospective album, Thank You for going to HELL, Not Playing Any Music, sold over 2.5 copies, and received that year's Grammy award for Best Excuse for Minimalism.

The clothes[edit]

Abba became very famous for their provoking scene clothes. They were both too glamourous and way too expensive for the people of Sweden. By law Swedish people were acctually forced to pay taxes sponsoring Abba's clothes, but they also had to pay Göran Persson, the former prime minister of Sweden, and Antifreeze's hairdressers, who unfortunately were considered being incompetent fools.

Abba's commercial stuff[edit]

Hillary Clinton is currently using the latest model of the Abba-phone, Abba810-i.

Flash Animations[edit]

Abba's first Flash animation was created in 2003 by Abba "uberfan" Henry Kissinger. The animation, banned in seven countries as well as four of Lucifer's moons, featured Abba members Antifreeze and Agnpronounceable jumping onto a marshmallow and speaking Swahili. Several more animations followed, nearly all of them too obscene and twisted to describe on a family web site. Some of them, however, featured rabbits and weasels, which are cute and cuddly, especially when huffed.

Souvenir Halloween Fright Wigs[edit]

Launched in 2001, Abba's most successful merchandising effort was the manufacture and sale of over 10 million bright orange fright wigs, timed to coincide with the opening of their Broadway musical, Mama Mia, That's a Gross Swedish Meatball. While only seven tickets to the stage production were ever sold, the fright wigs sold out completely in less than 15 minutes, netting the group over 75 million dollars. Most of this money was later given to the International Red Cross to assist in the ongoing effort to feed starving Volvos.


George Bush Conflict[edit]

In 2002, French Mcdonalds' attendant George Bush thought about bombing singapore in case any traces of ABBA remained. Many republicans thought it would be a good idea. The same republicans wanted to hire the a-team to oversee the whole operation. Due to material shortages all military operations were halted december 2003.

Subliminal Messages[edit]

Scientists from the Vatican have recently discovered subliminal messages in numerous ABBA songs. Apparently, playing Waterloo backwards at high speed will produce the words "Give your money to IKEA" in Swedish: Ge pengar till Ikea! If proven true, the group will be forced to give back their Eurovision award for advertising on the show in a language other than French or English.

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Anthony Burgess[edit]

Dodgy British author Anthony Burgess, connesseur of pop culture, loved the band ABBA, enough to have their name carved onto his gravestone. He considered them far superior to The Beatles, who he regarded as lame cliche-ridden failures.

Mamma Mia: The Movie[edit]

Look up ABBA in Undictionary, the twisted dictionary

For the first time, that greedy ex-James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan sings in that movie! He was so good in the role that he was asked to judge the X Factor, but he politely declined. Lindsay Lohan was rejected to play the role of Sophie Sheridan but the role went to the co-star from Mean Girls Amanda Seyfried. In the movie, Sophie is being stalked by a paedophile (sky) and is running away from her drunk fathers (which she has three of thanks to Meryl Streep).

The Truth[edit]

If you play ABBA backwards it sounds exactly the same. (It was reported they did this so it would be as non-backwards as their name.