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AC-130 Banking to fire.

The AC-130 is the buff, gunned up brother of the C-130 Hercules, and the distant cousin of the AC-47 Spooky and AC-119 Shadow/Stinger. It was created when God and Chuck Norris wanted to spar, in which, God always lost. With its heavy mix of weaponry, it is a formidable aircraft, that you don't want to cross. It weaponry is built into the left side of the aircraft. All the aircraft has to do is bank left, circle the target, and fire. The heavy weapons will tear it's enemy apart. It is considerably more powerful than it cousins, the AC-47 Spooky and the AC-119 Shadow/Stinger. It could be armed with different guns, cannons, and even a howitzer (a weapon large enough to kill Captain Nazi).


In the 1960, God and Chuck Norris would spar. God created the AC-130, but it changed to Chuck Norris' side because it wasn't stupid. But the sparing days ended, but Vietnam began. Chuck Norris gave the AC-47, AC-119, and the AC-130 to the United States and told them "Fuck the enemy up." In which they did. The North Vietnamese and Viet Cong feared it. Ever time they saw it they said "SHIT!" Eventually, America got bored with Vietnam and gave it back to the South Vietnamese, which they lost.

The United States Air Fore flies a special squadron of these aircraft based out of your mom. These aircraft are the only remaining AC-130 in the world, and will not give up with out ripping somebody a new asshole. The USAF will not give up these aircraft for their uncanny ways a ripping enemies new assholes.

In World War III, These aircraft were used with great effectiveness against the Moon Cow Armored Divisions. And US forces had steaks for a while. The aircraft was used right up until it said "I don't give a fuck" and went home. And then Hitler was raped by a bunny


The AC-130 has always been armed with an array of Gatling guns, flares, and cannons. That's what makes it a bad-ass.


  • 4x 7.62x51mm NATO GAU-2/A Miniguns
  • 4x 20x102mm M61 Vulcans

AC-130A Special[edit]

  • 2x Miniguns
  • 2x Vulcans
  • 2x 40mm "Bum bum" Cannons

AC-130U Spooky II[edit]

  • 2x 25mm "Almost 30mm" Cannons
  • 2x 40mm "Bum Bum" Cannons
  • 1x "Holy Shit!" Howitzer
That is a fucking cannon! On an fucking airplane!


  • It flies.
  • It was very good in bed with your mom.
  • Tears the shit out of enemy personel, tanks, vehicles, buildings, anything enemy.


According to adolescent Call of Duty Players...

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