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The AFK-47 is a now outdated gas-operated battle rifle developed by unnamed researcher in the h4Xx0r army. The original blueprints were revised by forgotten jacked-up Intellectual who made all necessary modifications for it to become an effective weapon. It is famous for being the standard-issue assault rifle in the N00b r0xx0r conflict.


The AFK-47 was designed for common 13x37mm rounds widespread among the h4Xx0rz army. Although firing such powerful ammo might cause major difficulties in standard firearms, the AFK-47 solved these problems with its very small recoil caused by various exploits done by its original creators. Small force hacks are present in weapon's striker. It simply lags after hitting the shell for a few milliseconds not being affected by shot at all. This weakens recoil to half of it original magnitude and ensures far longer lifetime of internal parts. The remaining half of recoil is completely absorbed by loose polygons stored in stock. These measures allows weapon to become fine choice for close quarters battles and long range sniping alike.

The weapon uses standard exploited 500 rounds magazines used by other weapons, such as the USUX-UZI. It has standard short-stroke gas operated mechanism implemented by Intellectual. The original design had only old reload-hack to load the bullet into chamber. From original design remains only exploited striker and stock.


The pure h4Xx0r predecessor of the AFK-47 was invented shortly after invention of 1337. The weapon has replaced the old intellectual Omega Magazine Grenade Pistols (later known as OMG Pistols). Until 2005 it was used only by civilians and paramilitary forces. Few of them even ended up in the hands of n00bs in exchange for one of the rarest material - the Silence. N00bs were able to obtain Silence by the Standard Terraforming Functionality for Universiality procedure (STFU). This was a terrible mistake, for the n00bs did their best to exploit this new given technology. With 13% rate of success, they managed to exceed h4Xx0rz expectations by not blowing themselves up.

When the N00b r0xx0r started, one of the Intellectuals has revisited all existing h4Xx0r weaponry, upgrading them significantly. While it firepower was outstanding compared to anything made by n00bs, it still wasn't enough for the unbelievable odds. After numerous request all of the weapons were extended by 1nF1n1t3 4mM0 h4Xx. This issue increased price of weapon significantly while not being as effective as originally thought due to relatively short lifetime of weapon. H4Xx0r forces were devastated and most of weapons ended up in hands of N00bs.