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ASBO was an article written for the Noob only writing competition 2012!
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ASBO (known to some as Anti-Social Behaviour Order, is a group of people who got toogether to bother innocent internet junkies.

The group is ironic, howver, encouraging many a nerd to leave their sayisfying home, with them being the ones with nothing better to do on a Saturday night than say. "We're fucking losers. We can't get any pussy whatsoever, so let's help other people do it!"

Early Years[edit]


They started by kidnapping eccentric millionare Willy Wonka and taking them to their hideout. They then said,

"Mr. Wonka, you have been doing nothing but make candy for the last 40 years. I'm afraid it is to dangerous to have such an Anti-Socail man operating [[Hersheys|the world's largest chocolate company. Your treats will poison innocent people into becoming Anti-Social like you. What I need you to do is go to the local Drunken Clam tonight, and get as much pussy as possible. Then we'll talk.

Unfortanatly, Mr. Wonka failed to get any pussy. He was therefore shot down.


Today, the ASBO is currently working on a plan to capture Oscar Wilde, founder of Uncyclopedia.