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The Imperial Walkers: The AT-AT

AT-ATs, or All Terrain Armored Transports are the pride of Imperal (wtf? shoudnt it be Emperal?) engenering. While the fancy-smanchy Rebels are using their flying machienes and weels, we are using state of the art leg technology. While it may be eaiser, cheaper, and create a much more effecient and fast dectriictive craft, we have decided to abstain from using wussy technologies such as the weel (you can reasearch this in the frist turn of Civilation, people!!). NOTE: THE BATTLE O' HOTH NEVER HAPPENED!!!! IT IS SIMPLY REBEL PROPAGANDA. LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE!!!!!!!!!! lol.

We created the AT-AT with comfort in mind. While attacking small Reble instalations, you will never feel the cold of the outdorrs. Simply, reach (inset real figure here) 2.2563215???? distance from their main power generator, charge to maximum firepower, and watch as thier wimpy base asplodes into smitherees.

While the AT-AT may seem like donwgrades from the awesome power of the earler Republic craft on [email protected][email protected][email protected]#@$%$!!!!!!ONE!!!, this is simply an optical illusion.


The AT-AT, according to many military experts, is the most formidable war vehicle ever built. But there have been many after it that have suceeded its greatness, such as the S.A.T (Super Attack Transport). Originally it was created by Kuat Drive Yards, who took a hell of a beating from the Empire to build them, but many other smaller and better experienced companies, have taken over such a strenuos task. The AT-AT's configuration was not an unusual one, a similar one had previously been used on the AT-TE and the AT-PT. After these were created, The Emperor ordered Kuat to make an even more destructive vehicle. The company engineers continued to work hard to create a reliabel yet super powerful machine which can be controlled by anyone. They did this in a remarkable amount of time. Just enough time to get them stored and ready to use at the Battle of Hoth, in 3 ABY.

At the Battle of Hoth, the wonderfully powerful AT-ATs were ruined by the very legs that held them. Thier clumsy design made them vulnerable from the waist down. (Alot like Male Humans). The intelligent fighter pilot, Luke Skywalker made the brilliant plan to trip the AT-AT's by tangling detachable cables from thier war-worn Snowspeeders. This then caused the At-At's to fall flat on thier faces and in turn kill all crew inside. (Unless they manage to Escape)

Extermination processes[edit]

After the disaster at Hoth, all spare AT-AT's were destroyed by crushing, incineration and then shipping to Tatooine to sell to dealers in Mos Eisley. All Kuat AT-AT designers were ordered to be killed. Some did survive, thanks to thier relatively smart idea of the S.A.T


Since the ordered extermination, you can no longer buy AT-AT's in bulk. But for a few thousand galactic credits you can buy parts of the AT-AT in many parts of the galaxy, and once obtained, you could try to re-create the beast. But it would be highly improbable, due to the rarity of the parts. But may I suggest Watto's Junk Shop for any more of your ship/vehicle/droid needs?