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“What is Westlake?”

~ Westlake on Westlake

“It smells bad.”

~ Batman on Austin

“I see no evil. OO”

~ Captain Oblivious on Austin

The ATX is a toilet located in Central Texas, USA. It is deep in the bowels of within Texas.

The annoying infinite Loop 360[edit]

The annoying infinite Loop 360 is there. There is a village called Westlake which is the village dump and a village. The Loop is an infinite loop. Westlake has 60% rich people, 28 upper middle class, and 12% middle class. They are very annoying.

The annoying Infinite Infinity Loop 360.
A common topographic map of Texas. Blue: Scalding desert. Red: Hills and pre-coastline area. White: Metroplex and sprawling paradise. (The area of Metroplex in western Texas probably represents the Midland-Odessa/Lubbock-Amarillo area. But star is located in the wrong place in Texas.)

The damn annoying hills!!![edit]

As "a 4-lane depressed median arterial with at-grade signalized intersections." In 2001, the average daily traffic was 225,000 spaceships, warpstars, vehicles at the most traveled point at infinity. Loop 360 is a scenic highway winding through the hills of West Austin. The road had too many damn hills!!!!!! It has so many damn annoying hills!!!!

Look at those damn annoying hills!!!!! They sure piss me off!!!!

East Austin[edit]

East Austin is where all crime goes on that part of the city. It is known as the ghetto of Austin.