A Breath of Heaven

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Dad, can eyes see themselves? I plan to cure all illnesses of mankind, 'cuz I'm so fucking ideational.. Like the O as in Don’t eat that fruit! You can belly-laugh it up.

I was with another guy having lunch at an outdoor restaurant. My companion was looking at me eat, saying “Oh yeah…” I looked innocently at him--not confused. The other guy kept talking, “that feels good, doesn’t it? Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoooo…” looking very emotional, near tears. I looked at his face and saw a tear streaming down one side.

That night, he got really, really, drunk. He then went driving on a county road. He could only see a blurry tunnel. He saw an oncoming car’s headlights as a light and he heard a voice saying, “go towards the light.” So, he turned towards the car, and said, “I CAN SEE THE LIGHT!" and began screaming, "AAAHHH!” He hit the accelerator, saying again, “I-CAN-SEE-THE LIGHT!!!” He hit the car and they both vaporized.

But we saw the great tree of life. We were all facing it, and began climbing it. The tree began rumbling and making a sound “aahhr” with happy music playing. By the time I quenched the light with my hand, it had burned my eyes. My eyes were in shock—I didn’t see white—I saw red and cried out loud: “aaah.” It's incredibly ideational. I raised my hands towards el cielo, praising God.

And my rage is like a hot coal. If you touch it, it will burn right through you straight to your soul. I’ve swallowed the coal, and it’s killing me.