A History of Violence

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This is what I think is a pretty fair and accurate review of the movie: "A History of Violence"[edit]

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Film: A History of Violence

Director: David Cronenberg?
Run Time: 120 minute?

John Stall(l) (aka Joey Cusak) - Vitgo Mortenson
Leslie Stall? - ?

hey have you seen history of violence
i've never seen something ask less of a viewer
it was like a hooride orgy
in the theatre

i liked the aimless drifters
there were so many wholes
that deux ex machina(s) cant fill
that guy fucks like 8 people up!
he's such a good fighter! SICK!
it's a movie event!
did you touch vag during it?
rohk kohk?  

i wonder if he's a relocated witness
the cop said so
so that's in the back of my mind the whole tiem
but there's so many other elements 

his son catching a pop fly and angering the popular kid
"hey you got me out in 5th period, you're gonna die"
little does he know the joking pipsqeak has the fighting aptitude of a reformed philly gangster
dude read the imdb reviews, there is some funny shit 

joey cusack!
but his accent is of unknown origin
and his wife dresses cosmopolitan but decides to live in buttfuck, indiana
all small town people look like that family 

'I took your NAME!

yah.. i'm not gonna recommend it to anyone


Warning: Spoiler Image[edit]

This shot could ruin the movie if you knew what it was a shot of - so I guess it can't. Actually, if you memorize this shot and think about it during the movie, there may come a point where your memory of it ruins the film for you. It will especially ruin the movie, if you were not expecting to see William Hurt in this film, but are also a big William Hurt fan as I wasn't and am.