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Taken From A Real Life Blog Found At Random On Livejournal[edit]

“Resigning from Uncyclopedia and giving power to Alicia Keys was the wisest thing I ever did”

Tamia a fool !

~ OW on Tamia

“Wassup, dawg.”

~ OW on I'm A Black Gangsta

“This guy is so Emo.”

~ OW on what I found within the interweb today

“It seems as though daytime does not exist in this forsaken land. The sun is up for less than 12 hours. It rises around 6 and sets around 4. Jet lag isn't nearly as bad as the sun setting so freaking early. Oh yeah and it's cold as something that is really cold. Like a witches butt. That and all the shops close early. If you guys want me to pick you up anything specific from England then let me know. I am going into London tomorrow.”

~ OW on Being Cold and Going to London

“I happen to still be in England. This flying standby thing sucks when the airport is really busy. I won't be able to get back home until sunday at the earliest. Until then you guys stay groovy and I will be back home soon.”

~ OW on Flying Standby

“Last Night was not very much fun. Work was hell. We had people coming in from everywhere. Eddie came in to host which was cool. I had the very last table of the night though. By the end of the night I was so completely drained of energy that I was following myself doing things. I don't know if you guys have ever been this tired but I was.”

~ OW on Being Tired at Work

“Well guys I don't know what you have been up to but I haven't been up to much. School started for me a couple of weeks ago. This quarter I am taking Drawing 2, 3d design, and History of Western Art 2. It hasn't been too bad so far. I have decided to take all my classes on the same day so I go for 8 and1/2 hours straight It ain't so bad though. The mood has changed. I don't know how but when I figure it out I will let you guys know. I have been trying to figure it out.”

~ OW on Classes and Figuring Out Ones Emotions

“My wrist hurts and I can't sleep”

~ OW on Masturbation and Insomnia respectively.

“I finally got a new fucking car and a new job to go along with it. Life is looking up.”

~ OW on New Jobs and New Fucking Cars

“Yeah so I have a Black Honda Accord which is a stick shift. It is a 1994 but the miles are really good on it and the lady I bought it from had all the service records and it only had one owner and YOU KNOW ME ONLY THE BEST BABY SWOOOOOOOOOSH! The new job is working at this place called 514 west over on MLK boulevard. It is a restaurant that Eddie Williams just opened and is already starting to do well. I love working there cause Eddie used to be the GM at 1790 my old hang out spot. It is stress free and hey all the silverware matches.”

~ OW on New Car, New Job

“You live for a while and you start to wonder what you are doing. Everything starts to get to you. Work and school take up so much time that you start to forget what it is you are going for. The only thing you can remember is that you had better be there on time and have your homework done. To think about it really this isn't even the hard part yet. Let's consider for a moment that special time right when you get out and realize that all the buddies you were hanging out with are now all you competitors for various jobs. Then you have to battle for lowly positions with your mighty degree in hand. Then you wonder if it was worth all the head ache to get the damned thing in the first place when you could be spending the best years of your life doing nothing.”

~ OW on The Rat Race

“It's funny to think about all the people you meet in life and where they go and what happens to them. Day by day life changes. Exciting new things happen to you and the people around you. The stories are unlimited for each relationship between one person and the next. Time fighting amongst each other is wasted. How are you ever going to remember all the good things about your friends if you ruined all of your past relationships with each of them?”

~ OW on How Life is Funny

“And suddenly there is a blackhole. An inexplicable void. Don't look directly at it.”

~ OW on How Life Is Depressing But You Wouldn't Understand

“Going through life is kinda crazy in a way. Your life is on a time line. You only have so much time to accomplish whatever it is you want to. Thinking about it, what are you actually trying to get done. How much time do we actually waste.”

~ OW on How Life Is Crazy

“Yeah so I have been playing too many video games.”

~ OW on How Life Is Stupid

There ends the blog, with a cry for help. I wonder if young Oscar realized how Livejournal was imperiling his life, bringing him closer and closer to that incurable state commonly known as Emo.

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