A Stab In The Back: The Betrayal By The People Of Nercer

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The cover of "A Stab In The Back"

A Stab In The Back: The Betrayal By The People Of Nercer is an up coming book that is to officially go on sale on July 23. It has been written by the Beckstockian Military General and CO Adder. The book combines elements of autobiography with an exposition of Adder's deep hatred of the Nersh people that he has felt since, what he considers, their betrayal of Beckstockia to ISAF on May 8th, 2011.


The arrangement of chapters is as follows:


Chapter I: Our Nersh "Comrades"

Chapter II: Fighting alongside the Nersh dogs

Chapter III: Nathan Ossetia....Osean puppet

Chapter IV: Going behind our great Nation's back

Chapter V: The Back Stab

Chapter VI: Nercerian role in our National humiliation

Chapter VII: Dreams of revenge


Book overview[edit]


The introduction begins with a statement from Adder, written as if he were talking to the reader.

"The dictionary, wonderful thing really. The Idioms section of the dictionary I own describes a stab in the back as "To do something harmful to someone who trusted you".... couldn't have put it better myself, and that's exactly what those Nersh dogs did to us....stabbed us in the back."

From there, Adder begins to talk a little bit about Nercer's History. The introduction concludes with an analytical look at the minimal role that (Adder believes) Nercer played during the Circum-Pacific War that occurred in 2010.

Chapter I: Our Nersh "Comrades"[edit]

Over the course of this chapter, Adder talks about Nercer's contacting of Beckstockia and them for Military assistance in suppressing a separatist uprising. He also describes the initial 3 weeks of deployment of forces to Nercer and the fact that it did not take long for friendships between soldiers from both armies to develop. Adder brings up the first friend of the Nersh Military that he made only moments after arriving in Nercer.

"The Black Hawk that I was travelling in finally set down just outside of some village somewhere in Nercer. As soon as I stepped out of the helicopter I was greeted by a Nersh Army General named Alexander Lane. We shook hands and the guy smiled at me.....yep, one of those heartless, traitorous bastards actually smiled at me. If only I had known that it was a false smile, if only I and my Government had known what the Nersh scum were really up to..then things would have been very different. I would've snapped the guy's neck and had his men killed right then and there."

Chapter I ends after Adder mentions the early stages of planning the War against the Nersh separatists.

Chapter II: Fighting alongside the Nersh dogs[edit]

This chapter gives insight into the battles that occurred between the allied Nersh and Beckstockian Military forces and the separatists. Many of it pages and paragraphs describe the feeling of comradeship that emerged between Nersh and Beckstockian forces over the course of the conflicts.

Chapter III: Nathan Ossetia...Osean puppet[edit]

In this chapter, Adder explains how his view of Nersh President Nathan Ossetia changed toward the end of the War with the separatists.

"Hahahahahaha....Nathan Ossetia, beloved by his people....I just feel sorry for the fact that the people of Nercer has no true Government of their own. In the last few days before Nercer turned on us, Ossetia was constantly on the phone to Osean President Vincent Harling. He was normally asking for advice or more Military support from Osea, it would'nt surprise me if Ossetia was ordered to turn on us by Harling. Ossetia....that God damn snake!"

For the remainder of this chapter, Adder looks back on the Ossetia Administration thus far, and puts forward some interesting views about what he believes is the true power of the Ossetia Administration and the reasoning for many of its policies. Osea is continually referred to as "The Power behind Ossetia."

Chapter IV: Going behind our great Nation's back[edit]

In this chapter, Adder talks about several "tell tale" signs of Nercer's intentions to join ISAF in the fight against Beckstockia that were ignored.

Chapter V: The Back Stab[edit]

It is over the course of this chapter that readers will see the true extent of Adder's anti-Nersh attitude appear, here is an example from the 2nd paragraph.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing on radar, Nersh aircraft on an attack vector entering Beckstockian Airspace it was then I realized that the people of Nercer were not really our friends...they weren't even people, their were vile conniving rats whom were using us from the beginning. As I watched the radar blips get closer, I remember thinking...."Rats...their fuckin' rats!" "

Adder uses the remainder of this chapter to blame Beckstockia's defeat on Nersh treachery. He also talks about the atrocities he saw Nersh forces carry out.

"I can remember hearing the screams of injured men as they pleaded for their lives, but the heartless Nersh dogs would not hear it. They sent troops out with pistols to shoot any wounded Beckstockian soldiers in the head. That was not all I saw though, I saw far worse. I can remember witnessing a joint unit of Nersh and Osean troops line up a unit of Beckstockian troops whom had surrendered and cold-bloodedly kill them all..just shot 'em right then and there. The most horrific thing I saw though...was the rape followed by execution of Beckstockian women. I can remember thinking "You pathetic, inferior rats..you have NO right to do this. Dogs and rats that's all the Nersh people are."

Chapter VI: Nersh role in our National humiliation[edit]

In this chapter, Adder explains how his feelings of contempt and hatred for the people of Nercer were solidified following Beckstockia's defeat.

"Osea, the "Master" of ISAF, drew up a treaty with us and boy was it harsh. In spite of practically claiming to be a champion of justice and democracy, Ossetia and his people just sat there and voiced no opposition to the unjust terms of the treaty...Ossetia just "sat at his masters heels at stayed silent, the bastard. Nercer allowed everything to be taken from us so that they had a share of the spoils of War. But rest assured readers Nercer will get its comeuppance for turning on us and stripping our country of its National pride and a majority of its resources."

Chapter VII: Dreams of revenge[edit]

All throughout this chapter, Adder expresses his desire to crush Nercer. He envisions many different ways of Beckstockia's revenge against Nercer. Here are some notable examples:

  • A Genocide campaign
  • War against the country
  • A nuclear strike on Troy (Nercer's capital city)


In the epilogue of the book, Adder muses over the possibilities if things had been different and how the outcome of Beckstockia's War against the ISAF would not have ended in their defeat if they were aware of the Nersh Government's true intentions and were able to annihilate Nercer before it had the chance to betray Beckstockia.

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