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Aardman Animations (Russian: твердые студии мультипликации человека), also referred to as Aardman Animation Studios because that is what it is, is a foundation situated in the dingy town of Bristol. It was founded by Karl Marx two years before the Russian Revolution, and its sole aim is to give unwanted lumps of plasticine new life as living beings. Marx originally intended these new beings to help fight against the Bolshevik armies, but as he died before the Revolution and before he could tell anybody his mentally-unhinged scheme, the foundation became non-profit, and non-violent. Well, non-violent towards humans. Well, I say that... Quick! Read the subheading! Ignore this, I have said too much!


How Karl Marx came up with the idea is debatable, but is the common belief that it had something to do with Marx's severe mental breakdown after the beginning of political conflicts in Russia at the time. In a dazed stupor, Marx set about creating the Aardman Foundation, originally called твердый фонд человека, or the 'Hard Man Foundation' to try and maintain peace within Russia. His plasticine soldiers would be mass produced, so deaths would not be a problem. Furthermore, the remains of dead plasticine soldiers could be gathered up and made into new soldiers, a revolutionary theory never before considered at the time.

Unfortunately, stress took Marx's life literally minutes before he was to reveal his revolutionary idea (he collapsed into his soup during a meeting with Russian officials).