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“I went to Aberaeron once ... Emphasis on once”

~ Oscar Wilde on Aberaeron

File:Cercountycouncil.jpg Aberaeron is a seaside town in Wales, it was created to house the overspill from the nearby suburb of Borth, Aberystwyth and is also home to the headquarters of Ceredigion County Council, AKA the bastards.


Unlike Rome, Aberaeron was planned, built, destroyed and then rebuilt in a day by Queen Charlotte Church of Wales in 2005. It is built around the estuary of the River Aeron which can now be crossed by a wooden bridge. Previously there was a cable car that would ferry passengers across the estary however the bastards, aka the Council, refused to fund the project as it was seen to be far too intresting a facility for Aberaron so it went into liquidation.

Aberaeron's lovely beach.

The architecture is unusual in this part of Wales, that is every house, by law must be a uniquecolour, to amuse tourists. Apparently some of the architecture was of sufficient interest to British postage stamps, that is to say that the interest was so small that it could fit on a postage stamp.


With 70% of Aberaeron's inhabitants able to speak Welsh, Aberaeron is one of the only Welsh towns left where inter-breeding is considered a sport.

Sir Geraint Evans, the renowned opera singer had a home in Aberaeron for more than 30 years until he realised how shit the town was and left...for Iraq.

The secondary school currently has two pupils, at least two of them are believed to be the illegitimate children of the previous headteacher, who resembled a certain, flying, mode of transport that has recently been decommissioned.


The most popular activity among the inhabitants of Aberaeron, is to stand on the corner of the street by the Square Field, pretending to drink from empty cans of Carling and generally trying to act hard. The police received a number of complaints from upstanding members of the community and have subsequently taken to moving the blue rinse brigade on. A public stament was released by Dyfed-Powis police announcing this action had been taken because the town's teenagers were often too scared to go out at night for fear of being attacked by the OAPs.

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