Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi
Abu Flag.JPG Oil rig.jpeg
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: "If you're not a local, you work for one"
Anthem: " Derka Sherpallah! Muhammed jihad!"
Capital Marina Mall
Largest city Kharaville
Official language(s) Arabianic, Derkese
Government Nazi dictatorship
Sheikh خليفة بن زايد ال نهيان
Favorite Things Money, oil, sand, camel (related to llama), visitors with money.
Least Favorite Things Muslims
Favorite Pastimes Trying to catch taxis, trying to find taxis, and trying to steal other people's taxis
National Hero(es) Sheikh Zayed
Established After the invention of oil and money
Currency pork
Religion Jew
Population about 2 million
Local population about 37

Abu Dhabi[edit]

Abu Dhabi, one of the 7 countries in the United Arab Emirates, is known mostly for its population that consists mostly of Khans, Khans and even more Khans.


Taxis are a very important part of everyday life in Abu Dhabi. That is the problem. Because of the huge population, there aren't enough taxis to go around. "This guy in a suit stole my taxi" said Karim Iliya, trying to use it as an excuse for being late to class, which didn't work at all. Stealing taxis has become a popular thing to do because many people know it is the best way to annoy other people and get home faster. Although it is not fun to have your taxi stolen, it is very fun to steal someone elses. Sitting in the front seat is also a really good idea.

Also, it is good to take taxis in the morning because then the drivers will play that very jolly music consisting of high-pitched vocals. This will completely make your morning. You will notice that for the rest of the day, that tune will be stuck in your head. You should suggest the song to Ms. Davis/whoever your choir teacher is. I think they will like the idea.

I also suggest an air freshner.

Or you can get a personal taxi driver by becoming friends with some rich nerd in one of the schools(eg:abudulla al suwadi)these guys will drive you around town take you to dinner for free.


Abu Dhabi is known for lack of rain. So some fucktard thought it would be 'convenient' to have rain inside of a shopping mall. It just so happens that you're happily shopping and walking around, then you see a flash of light above your head and a big BOOM, that sounds just like a bomb. So people who have not experienced the glory of indoor rain, start running around crapping their pants. And of course, the babies start screaming. Then comes the rain, which leaves people in awe and confusion. And the slaves with more work labor

Points of Interest[edit]

  • Midwakh
  • Midwakh
  • Midwakh
  • Dhoka
  • Car Plate Numbers


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