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Nuvola apps important blue.svg Accusations of the blatant accuracy of this article are absolutely inaccurate.
The inaccuracy of the above statement is not disputed, but it should be.

When there is an accuracy dispute, the accuracy is disputed[citation needed]. What this means is that we dispute the accuracy. If everyone thinks something is inaccurate, then the accuracy is not disputed because it is agreed upon that it's not accurate; there is no dispute. So if there is no dispute when an article is inaccurate, that logically means that when there is a disputer, the article is accurate. Therefore, if someone says that there is an accuracy dispute that means that everything is a-ok. Please note that either the previous statement is inaccurate or this one is.

There are other exotic arguments such as inaccuracy disputes, accuracy indisputes, and the legendary inaccuracy indispute, all of which have different outcomes and should be discussed in more detail:

Inaccuracy disputes[edit]

An inaccuracy dispute happens when a hockey player makes a bad shot but the goalie messes up and he scores a goal. The referee then makes the dispute that the shot was inaccurate, and therefore the goal should not be allowed.

In the famous Inaccuracy Dispute of 1994, famous fellspar hockey player John Kerry made the following dispute regarding the Inaccuracy Dispute of 1994. He said that he had made an accurate shot in 1992 that didn't go in, and that it was only fair of him to receive a goal now.

"But it is too late to give back a goal in 1992. That game was irrelevant to this game," said the referee. To fix the paradox, a rule was made to all new hockey games to ensure that all previous disputes applied to the future

"Since accurate goals that don't score don't score, and inaccurate goals that do score don't score, it is common sense that accurate goals that do score don't score".

Unfortunately, after this rule was established, all games strangely ended in 0-0. In the first round of the playoffs, in which overtime goes on until a team scores, all players continued to play until they were permanently injured from exhaustion. With no good players left, the entire sport of hockey was put at a standstill.

Accuracy indisputes[edit]

An accuracy indispute happens when a person accurately shoots someone else in the head. Such an action prevents any further disputes with the person who is now dead, resulting in the opposite of a dispute (i.e. an indispute). This may lead to disputes with friends and relatives of the victim as to whether the shot was accurately necessary, which may lead to several more accuracy indisputes, until either everyone is indisputably dead or the opposing sides find more peaceful ways to resolve their disputes.

Inaccuracy indisputes[edit]

No one has ever seen, much less caught, an inaccuracy indispute. Their legend lives on from generation to generation, and it is rumoured that they travel through time, creating blinding spectacles of light caused by a constant state of war with itself, possibly because it is a double negative, and if there's anything a negative hates, it's another negative.

Unfortunately, since similarly charged objects attract (just as opposites repel), the two negatives cannot break free from each other, and are fueled only by intense hate of the other. This is all legend, but many experts say that this is a very convincing argument.

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