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The Acura Integra is a car created in 1985 by Honda Motor Company. The car comes standard with many features including a 12 cylinder engine, 5 rows of seats (for the bitches), secret compartments (for the drugs), and power door locks. Although it is one of the cheapest cars made by Honda, for some reason it is the most stolen car in America.


Many rightful and non-rightful owners of these vehicles have modified them to make them awesome. The stock stereo is often removed, replaced by a 10" subwoofer shoved into the dashboard and hooked up to a music-playing greeting card with hispanic tunes. Another great modification is the addition of 6 new shiny tail-pipes. It isn't necessary to connect these tailpipes to the engine or exhaust system, because as long as they are sticking out the back, they will make the car faster. Other users have removed the exhaust system altogether, making the engine perform 12x its normal performance, and super quiet.

Some users have even decided to remove the engine altogether, thus allowing them to have two trunks. This modification also significantly reduces the weight of the vehicle, allowing it to travel more quickly and efficiently.

Other Uses[edit]

The Integra has many uses besides driving. Some owners have been known to drive FASTER THAN YOUR MUSTANG😂😂😂😂 into buildings. Others have driven their Integras directly into the ocean, or accross a beach full of [[Nak

It is rumored that in 1994, a crazy scientist converted his integra into a Time Machine, but this is most likely a crock of shit.

In Pop Culture[edit]

He showed that son of a bitch!
Also appeared in an old show featuring a manwhore

The Integra has appeared in 63 movies (12 porn), 11 commercials, and 23 books (including The Bible). A red 95 Integra LS can be seen in Rob Zombie's Halloween movie. It is only seen for a few minutes before Michael Myers brutally stabs it and smashes it to pieces, until all that remains is a pool of blood. Battlestar Galactica features a modified version of the Ingtegra (Called the viper) in many episodes. The engine has been replaced with a tubro V6 to enable space travel, as well as a rear spoiler, snow tires, Nitrous, and of course a 12" subwoofer in the dash.

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