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“The movie obviously has a point. The article, however, has none.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Adaptation

For those without comedic tastes, the "questionable parody" of this website called Wikipedia have an article about Adaptation.

Adaptation is a 2006 Uncyclopedia article quoted by Oscar Wilde and created by Sophia, although the user known for using the fictional nickname Kakun should also be given writing credit. It caused the number of Self-referencial articles in Uncyclopedia to rise to 147, along with overwhelming Kakun to the stage of a minor brainstroke. It is the second article to be both written by Kakun and inspired by Sophia (the first being the critically acclaimed Lost in Translation).


WTF am I trying to accomplish? What is the fucking connection between a user who ownes the album Orchid by Opeth, an unsuccessful Israeli Uncyclopedian who writes an article about Adaptation, a reader who's stuck inside this shitty article about Adaptation, Charlie Kaufman, Euroipods, your mom, the fact that a stolen copy of Craven's "Scream" film recovered by police, and goatse? Kakun answers this question with the help of Sophia in this piece of shite article about the simple fact that every single part of this article, from the linkage to Kakun's crappy user page to this line itself, is complete and total bullshit.


The article is actually based on a fictionized page about the same movie from Wikipedia. Based on the success of his first featured work, Lost in Translation, Kakun was expected to write an article about another movie, preferly by some genius Jew. However, short after the beginning of the second paragraph he realized that the article simply couldn't be parodied. As he came under increasing pressure that his great confusion will cause him to click something by mistake and lose the text, knowing that he will never remember the mumbo jumbo that he wrote so far, "Adaptation" became a story of a writer's attempt to write an article about an article that can't be parodied as a Wikipedian article into an Uncyclopedian article. Kakun then put the {{WIP}} template on the article for the first time, considering to save but giving in to the fear of it being huffed anyway and also seeing himself being banned perminantly from the site.

John Malkovich, as shown on one of the article's images. Again, only a true Uncyclopedian would understand the writer's deep intentions. So don't ask me.

The article is self-referential, in that we see the creative process behind the article we are reading. At one point, the writer is unable to think of a satisfactory ending for the paragraph, and asks Sophia how he would end it. At that moment, the style of the article changes to Sophia's style, with creativity and senssuality replacing the shameless copy-pasting from the Wikipedia article while only changing a few words.

The article contains the true feelings and thoughts on Kakun's mind while writing it, which makes it even crappier than his other works. for example, all the things that Kakun didn't want the article to turn into (Killed, Huffed, Burninated to ashes, Deleted, Laughed at, a 'typical' Kakun article, an article that cause people to get addicted to drugs or unexpectedly die), are described in details in the article itself. The forced inclusion of endless sentences in paragraphs only in order to make it look similar to the Wikipedian equivalent and to make them look longer is also a meaningless attempt to satire.

The self-referential nature of the article raises questions as to Sophia's existence: that is, whether she is a real potato, or merely an embodiment of one aspect of Kakun's personality (as he is in real life). Blurring the lines between fact and fiction, Sophia is not only credited as a co-writer for the article, but the very site where the article is published in features a dedication to her (implying that, if she is indeed an existing spud, she was fried during the writing of the page). In addition, Uncyclopedia itself is assumed to be an existing site, and a portion of it is also featured inside this article.

At this point, the fact that the movie cannot be parodied begins to be shown and this article loses any real similarity to the Wikipedian article, except of the quotes paragraph. In a brilliant move, Kakun parodies the paragraph which deals with deus ex machina and returns to his usual crap.

I'm Fat[edit]

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“You're a fuck, Fuck you.”

~ Sophia on User:Kakun


~ User:Kakun on Adaptation

“There is no nead for me, at this point, to make any sense or provide any kind of large and magnificent wisdom to you, because neither you nor me will ever understand the significance of what I'm about to say, for this quote is only designed to qoute itself. Go eat shit fuckers.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Adaptation