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Aditya Patel is a native Indian scientist, inventor, and athlete. He has been heavily acclaimed for all the work that he has ever done in all of his areas of expertise.

Early Life[edit]

In 1854, Britain's Queen Victoria made a grand tour of India. While on this tour, she found a young boy from the Patel clan and decided to adopt him, naming him Aditya. While attending school in England, Patel wrote some observations about the birds and moths, and threw them away. A man named Charles Darwin then found Patel's writings and published them, calling it the "theory of evolution". While playing on a youth soccer team, Patel became notorious for his rough play and tackling. When the Brits did not approve of his rough play, Patel drew up rules for a new sport, calling it "football".

After completing the first of several Oxford degrees, Patel left England in search of a job. Many countries at the time had discriminatory laws which did not allow Indians to serve as paperboys, so Aditya instead took a job as Albert Einstein's personal assistant. While working in Einstein's laboratory, Patel developed an elixir of youth which allowed him to always remain 17 years old. Patel wished to keep this formula a secret, but Einstein wanted to publish it and claim credit. As a compromise, Aditya created the theory of relativity and let Einstein publish it.

Athletic Career[edit]

Aditya then moved to the US to pursue his professional football and basketball careers. After completing degrees at Harvard, Yale, and Johns Hopkins, he then enrolled at Duke, where he began his friendship with Grant Hill. Aditya and Grant led Duke to the Final Four. Recently, Patel became the first player to win NCAA championships in both football and basketball. While posing as an African-American under the alias "Vince Young", Patel led Texas to a national championship.

Recent Adventures[edit]

In 2002, Patel began his tumultuous relationship with British actress Keira Knightly. He has also temporarily put his sports career on hold while he goes back to research in the hopes of winning his record fifth Nobel Prize. He is not satisfied to simply be the only person to ever win the Nobel prize and the Heisman trophy. He has also made billions of dollars in international trading, after an initial investment of only $500. Patel's exact whereabouts are unkown at the moment. Some claim to have seen him playing in the NBA under the name "Lebron James". However, it is more likely that he is currently working as a martial arts instructor who has taught Chuck Norris how to roundhouse kick and Zinedine Zidane how to head butt. It is also rumored that he is portraying a terrorist in the current season of "24" although that would be unlikely, as Jack Bauer is no match for Aditya.

Other Stuff[edit]