Adolf FrankenStalin

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Adolf FrankenStalin (1952-) A monster made by soviet scientist "mad boris gulag" from the corpse of stalin and Hitlers severed testicle. The monster was supposed to become kruschevs bride. Unfortunately, a rift in the space time continium sucked Kruschev into the "no Conan O'Brian" alternate universe just as they were about to consumnate the marriage. Luckily for frankenstalin, the smash sensation communist version of "countdown" "comrade bastards execution hour" needed a host. Frankenstalin fit the bill perfectly and became a major celebrity in russia and eastern europe as every week he gleefully machinegunned truckloads of "scumsucking fascist traitor whores" who had been "sucking the cock of the american capitalist bastard rapist-arseholes". In the heartwarming "childrens' segment" he would lecture cripples and circus freaks about the benefits of a classless society before shooting them in the head and urinating on the corpses.

All this came to an end after the fall of Soviet Russia. The show was cancelled because of budget cuts and frankenstalin was forced to become a serial killer, murdering atheists for the catholic church. He now lives in a small chamber deep within the Vatican and works as a driving instructor on weekends.