Adolf Shitler

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Here we see Adolf Shitler in his natural form: A piece of Turd

“Adolf Shitler definitely does not exist”

~ Adolf Hitler on Adolf Shitler

“Adolf Shitler sounds like Adolf Hitler”

~ Captain Obvious on Adolf Shitler

“Oh Shit!...ler”

~ Adolf Shitler on his name

Unknown to most, Adolf Hitler was not actually a real person. In fact he was created as a human alter-ego by the pure evil that is Adolf Shitler. Shitler is an incredibly simple organism. Basically he is a turd with a moustache. But inside that sick twisted mind of his, Shilter is an evil dictator. He travels from planet to planet, creating hosts to carry out his evil master-plans. No mortal has ever actually seen Adolf Shitler as he is incredibly secretive, and he lives in one of those disgusting Port-a-loos that no-one wants to go in.

The Eventual Demise of Adolf Shitler[edit]

Home sweet home

Adolf Shitler lived for 16,098,456,283 years. But in his 16,098,456,284th year, he got totally pwned. He was spinning through space in his cosmic porta-loo, when suddenly he stopped he got out of the bog, and opened the door, only to be met by the sight of a grue. He screamed and legged it, but wasn't looking where he was going and ran straight into a wall. Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall onto Shitler. crushing his (legs?). Then Chuck Norris suddenly appeared, roundhouse kicked Shitler in the face, and Shitler died, even though he was immortal. That shows how hard Chuck is.

Are We Safe?[edit]

Although Adolf Shitler is dead, we will never be truly safe from turd. For example, Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo is Shitler's cousin, and if he hadn't been crushed to death by some fat lard, then we could have had some kind of World War II.5. Everyone shits and eventually Shitler will no doubt be reincarnated. So the answer is NO. WE ARE NOT SAFE.