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Adrienne Barbeau ( born June 11, 1945 ) is an American actress with extremely big tits. If her accounts in her autobiography (There Are Worse Things I Could Do) are to be believed, she went through her entire acting career exploiting her 36C bust without ever once realizing that people were staring at her boobs.

Adrienne's first notable acting role was in the Broadway production of Fiddler on the Roof opposite a young Bette Midler. However, the stage role that gained Adrienne the most notoriety was her completely nude appearance in an off-Broadway musical, Stag Movie. An infamous photo from this production, widely circulated on the Internet and in print, shows a topless Adrienne displaying her breasts (which, in her autobiography, she compared to casaba melons) as two male co-stars leer at her. The play's author later said that Adrienne was the only cast member with any talent.

Adrienne's next major claim to fame was her performance as tough girl Rizzo in the original Broadway production of Grease. Adrienne's performance earned her a Tony nomination. Nevertheless, at Adrienne's own website, there is a provocative photo from the production in which co-star Barry Bostwick gropes Adrienne's melons.

From this came the role in which Adrienne's fans best remember her: Carol Trainer, the decidedly bra-less daughter of Bea Arthur on the CBS sitcom "Maude." For six seasons, the show gave viewers ample opportunity to watch Adrienne's appendages bounce across the set. According to TV critic Marvin Kitman, the show's backstage crew referred to her behind her back as "Adrienne Barbells."

Following "Maude's" cancellation, Adrienne married movie director John Carpenter, who referred to Adrienne in a 1981 Film Comment interview as "my own Rosalind Russell," though her roles in his films (The Fog, Escape from New York) emphasized her chestal cavity far more than her comedic skills. (Film critic Gene Shalit bluntly called Adrienne "a terrible actress. If she ever had to zip up her blouse, she'd probably forget her lines.") Barbeau and Carpenter had one son, Cody, before divorcing in 1985.

The film role best remembered by Adrienne's fans is her performance as Alice Cable in Swamp Thing (1981) in which, as The Village Voice so eloquently put it, "Adrienne sloshes through the swamp, arms flailing, her wet T-shirted breasts bouncing." She also did a topless bathing scene that was barely shown in the American version of the film, but ran for a full minute in the European version. It was the latter version that made its way onto the film's DVD release, until a Texas mother loudly complained about her young sons being subjected to nudity in a PG-rated film, after which the "nude" DVDs were recalled and replaced by DVDs of the film's tamer American version.

Other than her acting roles, Adrienne's biggest claim to fame is having given birth to twin boys (by her second husband, writer Billy Van Zandt) at age 51. It was not reported whether Adrienne breast-fed the lucky lads.

From the '80s to the present day, Adrienne has appeared in countless movies and TV shows, most of which highlight -- you guessed it -- her huge zoomers. (Her most recent series was HBO's "Carnivale.") There is a Yahoo! Group devoted to .jpg's, photos, and video clips of Adrienne's many bouncy roles, and a similar website is named The Adrienne Barbeau Link Factory. Adrienne's very name continues to be synonymous with enormous breasts.