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The APGL Logo

The Advanced Placement Gaming League, or APGL as its members frequently refer to it as, is a publicly based league in which Advanced Placement History students vigorously compete in the popular game "Egyptian Ratscrew." Small tournaments occur every so often, most often when the class instructor, James Bennett is absent from class.


For Egyptian Ratscrew, the players tend to use an aging and crippling pack of Bicycle Playing Cards cards. On special matches, the team will be filmed in action using Motorola cellphones, which is also used to enable an instant replay function.


One enthusiastic gamer before he was banished from the league.

On December 19, 2006, one player was involved in illegal game play. The APGL rules strictly forbid the use of two arms, yet one player, whose image can be seen on the left, decided to partake in the undeniably illegal move. While it was initially ruled one player's interpretation against another's, video evidence as recorded by a video crew member disproved the player's claim and showed his illegal action before the league's commissioners. This player was formally banished from the APGL indefinitely.

Civil Disobedience[edit]

A copy of the letter torn up by the scorned & banished member.

On December 20, 2006, when presented with the scroll of banishment, a certain member decided to physically and aggressively destroy the letter demanding his resignation. In the APGL, this is considered an act of war. Acts like that will not be tolerated in the future, so all potential and current members should be aware of that violent infraction.


To become a member of the APGL, you must currently be enrolled in an Advanced Placement course attending [[Bergen County Technical High School or Mission San Jose High School]]. You must be familiar with several card games that are played at league sponsored events. Please contact Nicholas Carrillo sometime during school. You must also be a fair and honest person and you may not come in contact with those who have been banished from the league.

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