Afghan Parking Lot

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The Afghan Parking Lot is the biggest parking place in the whole world. Covering the whole area of former country, Afghanistan. It is the only solution for the Mall of America in Iraq parking situation. Thought to eliminate the terrorist groups in afghanistan, it has ironically led to the rise of groups such as the hubcap liberation front.

A History[edit]

In the era of BB (Before Bush), the country Afghanistan did exist somewhere on the edge of the planet, near iRaq. The population consisted of women who were all dressed in black, and of men, who tried to dominate the world by crashing planes into buildings. The usa was like "WTF?", and nuked the whole thing, leveled it out, put one McDonald's on top and renamed into the Afghan Parking Lot.

The Statistics[edit]

The Afghan Parking Lot features a 247 compact car parking spaces, 2.4 million SUV parking spaces, 5 Greyhound ports, an on-site McDonald's, a Hillary Duff painted mural on the blacktop surface, and a vending machine on the North Sector. There is one gas station on the grounds where gas is $7.50 USD a gallon. After all, its an imported breed.

One convenient feature of the parking lot is that if all the spaces are filled, American SUVs can easily drive on top of the compact cars, creating 13 more available spaces.


When parking in the Afghan Parking Lot, do not forget to bring your passport. You may be shot and every space is under 25 hour survellience. If you have blonde hair and blue eyes, you're fine. Or a Bush sticker. Upon entry, you and your car will be forced through a metal detector. If you set the detector off, a search will be conducted lest you pay a $600 fee or your firstborn child. If the detector does not beep the first time, you will be sent through again until the detector beeps.