Africans at War

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In Africa, about two-thousand years ago, there was a tribe of Africans at war, with their adversaries, the penguins of antartica.

The first battle took place in a land called "South Africa". Many of the penguins had advanced tecnology, including: biological weapons, nuclear weapons, and email (junk mail).

While the Africans had sticks, stones, broken bones, and diamonds (also known to them as "Shiny Rock"), they were still losing. We don't know how the heck the pengiuns almost conquered them.

During the first battle of the penguins the africans prepared for "Boom sticks" and other "ungodly weapons". Then, they SLEEPED! (sleeeeeeeppp) Then, they woke up, and CALLED collect to Mercury, and LEARNED.

When the penguins hit shore the africans charged with sticks. While the penguins alarmed by this new technology "stick" fled at the sight of them and sailed back to their homeland.

Ever since they have never understood nor could the duplicate the weapon "stick", so they remained defeated.

Even though the africans won the war, the penguins inflicted many deaths and exposed them to many illnesses(such as Small Pox and Malaira) from their biological tech weapons.

Penguin wires a computer to internet