Ahmadinejad Almighty

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Ahmadinejad Almighty
Directed by Michael Moore (Captain Fatass)
Written by Allah
Starring Lance Bass
Cole Sprouse
Andy Dick
Produced by The Walt Disney Company
Distributed by The Walt Disney Company
Air date February 30th, 2006
Runtime 5,880 seconds
Language Islamic
Budget $69 .
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Ahmadinejad Almighty is an epic religious comedy about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. It was a surprise hit in the box office raking in almost $50 dollars worth of Arabian currency (AKA Allah Dollahs) one of the highest grossing movies in the middle east in almost ten years.


An extremely powerful corporate entity by the name of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is visited By the all powerful Allah. Allah prepositions Mahmoud to create Weapons of Mass Holly Destruction or WMHDs to eliminate every infidel in the world. He is also given holy magical powers which he uses to destroy Israel.

After much nuking and nuclear holocaust Mahmoud becomes too powerful and attempts to conquer the entire world only to be thwarted by Jesus in an epic final battle. The moral being that too much power is corrupt.


His appearance in the film

Almost instantly after the release of the movie Israel became so offended that it threated to go to nuclear war with Iran but was soon stopped after quick peace talks.

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