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Aid goats are goats with aids, duh!. They have spread a massive epidemic in Burundi, Africa and and was started when Mick Shagga went to Burundi with a "school trip" and liked the look of the goats.

History of AID goats[edit]

Mick Shagga[edit]

On a sunny day at Burundi airport, a plane carrying a school trip landed. Little were the airport workers or anyone else to know how much damage this school trip was too burundi to the welfare of Burundi. The leafer of this school trip was the root of all evil. A sadistic, manipulative flaming homosexual who would rather put his pupils down his pants than take them to Burundi for a school trip. While they were in Burundi, they were staying on a massive farm with hundreds of goats. One night, Mick Shagga was completeley high on gaydium and decided to go outside and have some fun with the goats. THE GOASTS DIDN'T STAND A CHANCE.

So then those goats got sold by the farmer to other farmers who sold them to villagers and the AIDS just spread and spread. So whenever you see a ill person in Burundi you can blame Mick Shagga.

Marketing Campaign.[edit]

Taken from A Christain "Aid" poster about AID GOATS for people in Burundi. You will get a free goat, (which does not have aids at all. So it doesn't matter if it rapes your children.) Which you can take home with you. You can put it's teat in your mouth and suck on it until you get milk. The teat is just below the bum (It's attatched to to small balls.) You can then take it's special wheat. It comes out of it's bum. You can eat this too. When it dies because you are too poor to feed it anything, you can eat its rotting corpse. This is called goat recycling. In Soviet Russia, goat recycles YOU! (Seriously, get to da trash compacta!)

The parable of Gerthrude and her goat[edit]

Once upon a time there lived a widowed woman called Gerthrude.She