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Aii-Powerfuii Expitelve-Hrlst is the Leet (Idol-Worship-Language) god of rifles, rifles, or sometimes rifles. Discovered in an ancient Leet Text from 3454 BC, Expitalve is often considered by the anti-leet movement to be a mistranslation of 'All-Powerfull Expletive'. Heretics.

An Unreasonable Discussion of the Origin of Expitelve's name[edit]

A recently-discovered Ancient Leet inscription from c 31337 BC, depicting the deity Aii-Powerfuii Expitelve taking care of cattle, has proven without doubt that the Ancient Leet were not a savage culture, but a peaceful, pastoral one.


Pronounced '', Aii does not appear to mean anything in leet.


Pronounced 'Pawufuwii', Powerfuii does not appear to mean anything in leet. Some have noticed 'Pa', the theoretical present tense of 'pwn' in the Ancient Leet language, but that was 'Pow'. Anyway, that does not explain the 'Wufuii'.


Or XPtelve, in Leet doesn't mean anything. Scientists have, however, noted that the "XP" in XPtelve looks like the symbol in the Windows XP logo, but it has not been confirmed to have any sort of connection whatsoever. XP has also been theorised as possibly representing the Xperience Points ( ><|>3|2!3|\|( 3 |>0!|\|75 ), the most holy of points in the modern leet faith. It has been found in a recently uncovered ancient leetian article that Xperience Points were the leet faith's vision of the path to heaven.

The path to heaven was based on levels, and only when a character (the ancient leet church's term for people once they had assumed their divine persona) reached the 20th level did they transcend their mortal bounds and be held in awe as the holy epic level characters.

This belief was also the core of a schism of the early leet church resulting in the fundamentalist group called WoWists who followed their god Leeroy Jenkins who stated that divine salvation could only be achieved at level 60.


From this we must assume that 'Aii-Powerfuii Expitelve' is a divinely inspired name, as the people who believe that it is a mistranslation of 'All-Powerfull Expletive' are idiots.

Expitelve's Family Tree[edit]

         |        \
    Expitelve Some unimportant gods
       /   |
     Leet  I
      |     \
 Leet Gods See Here
           "Aii-Powerfuii Expitelve" is considered to be a sacred word by the followers of the Leet faith. In order to prevent random numbers being placed all over the place, please do not speak it in front of them.