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Air America founded in the 1320s as an attempt to blunt the rising tide of right-wing telegraphy, was formed when two guys strung a waxed string across their New York tenement apartments and began discussing Friedrich Engels and doing "How many Whigs does it take to change a gaslight fixture?" jokes.

Later the network was founded and featured a random grab-bag of has-been comics, has-been actresses, and a couple of hip-hop artists from Def Jam. Al Franken, leader of the team, was the most popular host has-been, garnering an Arbitron rating of nearly three guys in St. Paul and his mother.

Al Franken and his band from the old days.

Air America Hosts[edit]

Al Franken[edit]

Former host of the "Watch How I Kick Limbaugh's Ass" Hour on AAR. Al recently left the network, after using it like so much Kleenex after perrusing a Penthouse, to run for the US Senate in Frostbite Falls. Later, he plans on working on his sequel to "Stuart Saves His Family".

Sam Seder[edit]

Mr Seder formerly hosted the "Majority Power Hour of Truth" with Reverand Janeane Garefalo, who was fired due to her Tourette's Syndrome. He has written numerous books that all his friends have read. Mr Seder has, due to his massive ratings and popularity...been moved to Sundays on Air America Radio from 4:44pm to 4:48pm. He once shot a man in Reno...just to watch him die.

"Ms." Randi Rhodes

About Randi

A Brooklyn native and former U.S. Air Force aircraft mechanic, Rhodes began her career in radio at a Country music station in Seminole, Texas. She enjoyed stints in Mobile, Alabama, as well as New York's WAPP-FM, Milwaukee's WQFM and West Palm Beach's WJNO-AM.

In 1992, she landed at Miami's WIOD-AM, where she took over the station's 8-11 p.m. time slot and was ranked #1 in the market. In 2004, Air America Radio began nationally syndicating her program. In addition, Rhodes starred in the HBO documentary Left of the Dial, and was named "Woman of the Year" by Talkers Magazine in 2007.

In May 2009, the Randi Rhodes Show joined Premiere Radio Network's lineup of nationally syndicated radio programs.

The Ed Schultz Show[edit]

Bumbling Feldwabel under Colonel Klink, his most famous catch-phrase was "I know nothink, I see NOTHINK!".

"Lionel"--Closeted libertarian just doing "liberal" for the money.

The Lionel Show[edit]

A former member of "The Little Rascals", the eponymous host of the aforementioned broadcast is acrimoniously and sanctimoniously beknighted by the appellate of "Mr. Vocabulary" on Air America, hoping that his use of big words will convey the image of actual intellect.

Also featuring[edit]

  • "Mid-early Morning Late Edition"
  • "Hybrid Car Talk"
  • "Wait, Wait, Don't Fire Me!"
  • "A Noam Chomsky Home Companion"
  • "Nothing Considered"
  • "The Guy Smiley Show"
  • "Bernie Ward wordlessly eats an entire tub of cottage cheese"
  • "kd lang Evening News Wrap-up"
  • Weather - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who reports on snowstorm cancellations of global warming summits, and then talks about wind farms and how they are great...except when they block Uncle Ted's view from the Compound.

Past DJ's[edit]

  • Marc Maron
  • Mark Moran
  • Marrq Moron
  • Mork Meroon
  • Dr. Demento
  • Sam Seder
  • Brad Shabbat
  • Rosh Hashanah Limbaugh
  • Johnny Yom Kippur
  • J. Worthington Sukkot III
  • That black guy

Affiliates Listing[edit]

  • KOOK-AM 1260 in Berkeley, California
  • KUBA-AM 1550 in Havana, Cuba (with Thom Hartmann subbing for Fidel Castro)
  • KRZY-FM 91.4 in Harlem for three hours at night (Mark Riley only)
  • Jimmy Lipeneki's crystal radio set from a Radio Shack in Dothan, Alabama
  • A seawater-activated emergency transceiver floating off of the coast of New Brunswick
  • The refrigerator in the Air America Lunchroom
  • You Can't Be Sirius Satellite Radio
  • Two tin cans tied together with a really long string


Typical Air America Radio host after the Bush Presidency is over.
  • October 2005 - Air America raises its only funds to date by auctioning Hugo Chavez's bathrobe, stolen from a Girls & Boys' Club in Brooklyn.
  • December, 2006 - Air America declares bankruptcy, referring to a deficit of both cash revenue, ideas, and entertainment value.
  • January, 2007 - Air America declares super-duper bankruptcy, and is forced to work as a bartender at an Al Franken fundraiser in Osseo, Minnesota.
  • February, 2007 - Air America was rescued from bankruptcy by Sir Richard Branson. He renamed the network "Virgin Radio" and built a multi-billion dollar space station to broadcast it from.
  • April, 2007 - Air America President Mark Green announces a radical departure for the AAR format, in which people who know how to speak on the radio, replace previous AAR hosts.