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Airport, a common typographical error of "airpot," is a rare plant found in cumulus clouds. The first to discover such a plant was Sigmund Freud in 1770, as a young boy. What he found was a struggling bird, seemingly trying to burrow into the ground.

Althought Freud was surprised, he took no great interest in the bird.

Scientific Analysis of the Plant[edit]

Over the past few decades, we have discovered the plant as the first albino member of flora (long metal objects). Its effect on humans seems to dull one's brain, and an overdose creates a high-temperature singe in the lower abdomen and an urge to join the mile high club.

Birds seem more affected - they mate with the ground until their beak suddenly snaps.

Today, more and more researchers believe that the plane is also participating in the spread of the bird flu - the theory claims that the birds are infected on their long travels from continent to continent by flying through clouds (especially towering cumulus) with airpot contamination.


Later, in 1890, "airpot" was manufactured as a painkiller in the Steppe. It was known as "JFK" until 1894 when Fred Astaire remarked that it wasn't stylish enough and renamed the product Band-Aid. Band-Aid was bought by the Russians for their space program in 2940, but time travel being illegal, they were soon assassinated by their own mafia. Band-Aid formed its own company in 1914, but the war broke out and resulted in the failure of Band-Aid's sucess. Band-Aid failed, and the name was later used for fish-shipping company. After the war (of 1812), "airpot" was forgotten. In 1920, it was rediscovered by John Jakob Jingleheimer Schmidt. Being mentally ill, he named it airpot, but refused to pronounce it correctly. It was heard as "airport," and over phone lines it sounds like a snort.

Pissing people off[edit]

Airports have been known to really want people to kill somebody. People HATE these mother fuckers. I'm not funny, this is just stupid.

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